Story of She: an erotic encounter

I’m standing in the cold, rainy night waiting for her. She has chosen the motel. So far, I have only had glimpses of her; seeing her at a party, a club, on the street, but somehow, she caught me once and gave me this address. It’s 9pm. I’m smoking a cigarette. I enjoy the nicotine as it flows into my lungs and brain, drawing hard on it. Shadows in the night air appear, incongruously. There’s a car pulling up. I stand tall and proud. She gets out of the car and walks towards me. A slight smile on her face indicates all is well.

“Hello,” she says. I suck on my cigarette.



“Of course,” I answer.

We go to reception, get the key, walk to our room. as we both enter reception. As she opens the door, I put my hands on her waist, spinning her around to kiss her gorgeous lips. She kicks the door shut and puts her tongue in my mouth. My cunt is aching.

She scrabbles at my clothes, as I kiss her neck and lift off her top. She has a lacy bra on. Licking her chest, I slowly remove each strap, eventually pulling the whole thing off. She pulls me to the bed where I fall on top of her. I lift myself up, kiss her mouth, lick her ears, neck and shoulders. She begins to moan. I’ve been waiting for this and I want to devour her.

I lick down her arms and kiss her fingers before going back behind her ears and down to her shoulders. She’s moaning and trembling. I lie on top of her with my pussy rubbing on her knee. We kiss wildly as I grind, my pussy so wet, my clit on fire. I move away from her mouth to let out my shattering orgasm, cumming hard, my face buried in her neck.

She kisses me as I lie there, then rolls me over. She sits on top of me. I look into her green eyes, a tear forming in the corner of my eye. I’m so overwhelmed. She kisses my eyes then my mouth, our pussies locked, rubbing together. I feel her sweat and heat, her insides coiling, and know she’s about to cum. I keep kissing her until she shudders and screams, falling silent against my face. I smooth back her hair and kiss her shoulders.

We both sit up, dishevelled, and I light a cigarette. She walks to the wash basin, splashing water on her face. I open the mini bar and take out a couple of drinks.

“What would you like?” I ask her. “Vodka or beer?”

She turns and looks at me. The moon is full tonight and shines its rays into the room.

“I want you,” she answers.

I sit still as she comes over. She takes my arms, holds them above my head and kisses me with such fervour my legs tremble. She does a back swing and suddenly her ass is in my face. Her bottom is beautiful. I lick and bite her cheeks before touching her asshole, which I spit on and rub it in. She groans. I insert my forefinger slowly as her moans grow louder. I lick my fingers and stroke her pussy, then put two fingers into her hot cunt while prodding her asshole. She sits up on my face, then leans back down, licking my cunt with leisurely swipes.

I start to fuck her vehemently, placing my palm on her clit. She sits up and bucks to the rhythm. My other hand is rubbing my clit in excitement, her juicy cunt turning me on. I fuck her hard and fast. Taking the finger out of her ass, I put three fingers in her wet pussy while licking her asshole. My palm rubs against her swollen clit. She rides me before collapsing in a heap with an earth shattering orgasm, her spray coating my hand. I continue to kiss her ass. It’s so beautiful. Then I swipe my tongue from her ass, to her cunt and up to her clit.

Licking my fingers, I stroke her back as she sits up and turns to look at me. Her hands crumple my hair, her lips journey around my ears, neck, breasts and finally my mouth where we kiss deeply. She lies on top of me, her head resting on my shoulder. I stroke her hair, arms and legs.

Her eyelids start to quiver and close and soon she is asleep. I slowly roll her off me, get dressed and leave. I walk home, my panties soaked through, my cunt aching, my thoughts only with her.

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