‘Hi gorgeous’. It’s Annika from the motel two days later. ‘Hello’, I say quietly. It’s 6.30 in the morning as I lie in bed, starting to crave my first coffee and cigarette. ‘Meet me at 1.30. Munchies.’ She hangs up. I put the kettle on and light a cigarette. I see her on top of me, her black hair damp, green eyes staring into mine, her wet pussy on my thigh. I start to smile and my pussy is already wet. So wet it’s soaking the cushion I’m sitting on. Sam turns over and yawns. ‘Hi honey. Who was that?’ ‘Michael’, I answer with no hesitation. ‘Complaining about George. You know’. I pull a silly face then make two coffees. ‘Thanks babe’. She takes a sip from her mug. ‘I’m gonna take a shower’. She leans down to kiss me and says ‘nice last night’ then walks to the bathroom.

As I approach the cafe I see her black hair, black boots, stockings and mini skirt. She’s sitting outside, smoking. I smile as i get nearer, excitement buzzing through my body. I can’t help but smile then laugh as she opens her legs then closes them. She stands up. We kiss, tongue on tongue then sit down. ‘You look divine’, I say to her. ‘Well if I’m divine that makes you heavenly’. I love the way she speaks. She looks at me with those beautiful eyes. Then her eyes move down my body and she stares at my breasts. The waiter comes out. ‘Two cappucinos please’, I say before returning her stare. ‘What’s up’, I ask casually. ‘Well, I thought I might celebrate’. She pauses as the waiter brings our drinks. ‘I finished my painting last night. Do you want to come to the opening?’ ‘Of course. When is it?’ ‘In two weeks’. She looks down at her coffee. ‘Look, do you want to get away from here. Your place?’ ‘Ok’.

As I drive she puts her hand on my leg and casually strokes it. I touch her fingers then put them in my mouth.

I open the front door, she grabs my waist and spins me around. She kisses me amourously, devouring my mouth. I take her head in my hands, her silky hair luxurious and suck her tongue then kiss her neck and shoulders. I’m so wet my thighs are sticking together. I put my arms around her and lead her to the bedroom where she lifts off my top and starts to kiss my chest and onto my bra, her lips biting my nipples through the fabric. ‘Oh’, I groan. My hips instinctively grind into her and we fall on the bed. We lie, mouth to mouth touching each other avidly. I feel a sudden spurt from my cunt. I laugh and tell Annika. ‘Well, we’ll have to see about that then won’t we?’ she jokes, spreading my legs wide and ripping my jeans off me. ‘Let Doctor Nika take a peek’. I laugh so hard, more juice cums out and soon she is licking up my thighs and onto my cunt. ‘Hmm..I see an opening’, she says. I start to squirm. I want her inside me. ‘Please fuck me Doctor Nika..NOW!’ ‘Hold your horses..there’s some sort of liquid..’. She licks me then places one finger at my opening. I buck wanting more. She slides up my body and kisses me. As she does so three fingers enter me and I pull her into me, kissing her mouth lustfully. She starts to fuck me hitting my G spot as I yell. She bites my neck and nipples, turning me on like I’m on fire. I move to her thrusting as she gets harder and faster. ‘Yes yes yes god ‘, I pant, biting her hair. My hands reach for her breasts. she moves back down for better reach and looks about her. She thrusts four fingers into me and I think I’m going to explode. Then she withdraws, finds my vibrator, turns it on and slowly puts it in my honey hole. It feels amazing. The head rotates as she switches it onto five. It hits my G spot everytime and soon my head leans right back, I arch my back and release a steaming hot orgasm, squirting onto Nika’s hand. She licks her fingers as I lie back to recover.

She quickly pulls down her stockings and slowly kissing her way up sits on my face. Her scent is delightful. I lick her inner thighs before kissing her creamy wet slit. I put my tongue into her and tongue fuck her as she moves back and forth. I land on her clit and lick slowly but firmly. She groans loudly and shifts into place. I hold her ass and legs and suck and nibble on her swollen knob. Her moans become louder still and eventually she’s gasping, her breath becoming shallow. I place two fingers inside her and fuck and suck. She grinds down onto my hand as I add a third finger. ‘Oh oh ah ah oh oh ah ah oh god oh god oh fuck oh fuck’ she repeats I fuck her as hard as I can, quickly and lick harder and faster. Her creamy cum coats my mouth. She’s cumming. ‘Oh fuck’ she says then is quiet and suddenly lets out a roar of thunderous screaming and howling. I keep it up and she keeps screaming, not quite done. I ram her G spot over and over my mouth glued to her clit. Her legs tremble and buckle underneath her and she falls forward onto my belly. I lick her cunt juice, her clit her thighs and stroke her damp hair. She kisses my belly and thighs and in a moment we’re in a 69. She licks my clit softly. I smack her ass and insert a finger into her asshole. ‘Oh!’ she yells. ‘Yes!’ I put two fingers in and she licks me harder. I lick her slit and suck on her pussy. My legs start to tremble. I’m cumming quickly. She licks and licks then places her whole mouth over my pussy and I explode. ‘Aaargh!’ I howl, my eyes shut, my hands now holding Nika’s head in place. She continues to lick as I continue to cum, eventually slowing down from such orgasmic power. she lifts herself up and moves next to me, her arm around me, her hand stroking my face. ‘Thank you’, I say hazily feeling sleepy. She strokes my hair. It’s getting dark outside. Sam is staying at her mother’s house tonight. ‘Do you want to stay the night?’ I ask. ‘Oh yes darling’, her gorgeous smile sending waves of fire in my belly. We kiss and time steals the night.

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