Prompt #256: The Wedding


This past week on Twitter I mentioned how I am anticipating a time where I cannot get to blogging, because of my mom’s illness. To compensate for that I am working ahead, scheduling posts ahead on my main blog to make sure there’s some new content every week. I am doing the same with prompts on here, scheduling them ahead. I had no specific reason to mention it on Twitter – I just did. I was blown away by the support and the way people offered to help me. One of the things that was mentioned was to ask others to write the top 3 for Wicked Wednesday. I have decided to do that. Not to wait until I cannot do it myself, but to start now!

So here I am, asking volunteers to do the Top 3. The idea is to read all the posts and choose the three posts that YOU find the best. There are no other criteria but that. You don’t have to ‘judge’ the posts looking at grammar or spelling or writing style or whatever else. Add a short piece of text to tell the readers why you chose a post and then send the text to me (Friday evening at the latest) and I will put it online, linking back to your blog and/or Twitter.

Do you want to do a top 3? Please get in contact with me on social media or email (see buttons in the left bar) and let me know which week(s) you would be able to do the top 3 and I will get back to you about it. Thank you!

Top 3

Strangers and Cake by Helen Scott 
What I love about this story as that you think one thing is going to happen, and then suddenly there’s the ‘frenzy’ and something totally different happens. I like a story with a bit of twist.

A Stranger’s Help by C.P. McClennan 
I love the support C.P. gives his child. To me giving this kind of a support is rather obvious, but what is sad (and obvious at the same time) is that this is still more the exception than the rule. All children should get this kind of support from their parents, but unfortunately that doesn’t happen, which is exactly what C.P. also touches on in this post.

Room full of strangers by Pain as Pleasure 
This taps into one of my fantasies – to be used by several strangers and preferably when I cannot see them at all. This is a hot piece of flash fiction.


What sexy stories can you write and share about a wedding? Or maybe you have sexy images to share?

Please note

  1. The rules for this meme can be found here and you can download the Wicked Wednesday badge on the same page.
  2. Don’t forget to add the Wicked Wednesday button to your post, post on your blog and come back here to link your post. You have from the moment the prompt appears until Thursday morning roundabout 9.00 am (Western European time) to link your post below.
  3. Please note that it is not compulsory to follow the weekly prompt. It is only here for inspiration when you need it!
  4. Please make your stories no longer than 1200 words.

Thank you for participating and please, don’t forget to visit and read the other entries too! We all love to receive comments on our entries. Spread the love!

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