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The prompt for last week was ‘friend’ and I love the post that were linked. So many people wrote about friends. As always, it wasn’t easy to choose a top 3. I ended up choosing three posts which had some deeper meaning; which somehow made me think of my own life.

Those three posts are:

Learning from Men by Cammies on the Floor 
Cammies write how through the different kinds of relationships she is learning more about herself. I believe that all through life we learn new things about ourselves, or learn how to do things differently because it’s better for us. The saying ‘never to old to learn might imply that you should follow your desires and dreams, but I think it also means that we are forever changing and developing ourselves, each in his own way.

No Going Back by Illicit Thoughts 
Kat wrote a piece of fiction for Wicked Wednesday – a nice hot story!
As I read it for the second time, I realized that this is a part of life too. In how many things do we set ourselves a boundary and then cross that boundary in seconds, sets another and then cross that too? Sometimes we set a boundary because we’re afraid to be hurt, and then we realize that the boundary wasn’t necessary.

Best Friends Forever by Melina Greenport 
Read Melina’s story and think for yourself: do you have a friend like that? A friend you can tell everything, but sometimes there are details you just want to keep to yourself, for whatever reason? Melina has done a wonderful job of writing about such a conversation and I think many of us will recognize this from our own lives.

That’s enough of my philosophical thoughts for this week…


Have you seen the new guy yet? Or do you remember back when he as still the new guy? Write a sexy story about him. Yes, him!

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2 thoughts on “Prompt #227: The new guy

  1. I may have to pass this week, Marie. I can’t think of any sexy stories about guys. I could always post a photo of something ‘guy related’ if you like.

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