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Many puzzle pieces have been shuffled last week, searched for and attempts made to fit them together. Life is one big puzzle and sometimes the pieces fit together when you’re younger, sometimes when you’re older. The thing is to always keep on trying to put those pieces together, but also never to forget that you should live. Sometimes just living your life will make the puzzle pieces find their places.

Okay, enough ‘preaching’ from me. The top three posts for last week are:

Corrine’s second torment by The Long Bean 
Maybe it’s because a torment like this quite appeals to me want to add this post to my top 3, but also because I feel like The Long Bean deserves to be in the top 3 from time to time, because they have been going with this story for 224 weeks now, and I am sure you’re going to read installment 225 this week! Other than that, this installment is hot!

Modestly Staring out to . . . See ??? By Modesty Ablaze 
There is just something in this image that makes it so intriguing. The simplicity of the horizontal lines of the horizon, the ocean and the beach? Modesty sitting their, staring out over the ocean? The fact that you wonder what she was thinking when this photo was taken? I have no idea… but, I really like this image!

Puzzle Pieces by Horny Geek Girl 
In the years that I have been reading this blog, I have noticed an inner strength in this woman and I knew one day she would find it. She did and this post is evidence of just that!


We all cast shadows… when we walk in the sun, your shadow follows you everywhere, but you also cast other kinds of shadows… those in the lives of others. Are your shadows friendly or not?

Come share your sexy stories.

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