Prompt #209: Opportunities

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Last weekend we were in Bristol for Eroticon Live 2016 and I didn’t do a top 3 for the week before. This week I want to share the top 3 of week 207 and that of week 208.

Top 3 for prompt 207:

It seems for this week’s top 3 I have chosen posts that really made me think about my own situation. I love posts like these, that provoke thoughts and feelings and make you want to write how it is for you.

If it was easy, anyone could do it by Molly 
No one said it’s easy to submit, and as the title of Molly’s post says: if it was easy, anyone could do it. These kind of commitments are made by choice and even then, whether you’re the submissive or the dominant, it doesn’t mean that it’s easy.

If I was a boy… by Honey 
Have you ever wondered how it would be if you could be the opposite sex for just one day? Honey writes about what she would do if she could be a man for one day and I love the things she would want to do.

Secular Submission by Brigit Delaney 
There are so many thoughts in this well written post that stayed with me for quite some time and are all back in my head after having just read it again. Like I said in my comment: “Society and ourselves expecting to much of us and the other; the role models society expects us to be; how we push ourselves in ways our ancestors have never done.” These are only some of the thoughts in this post. Go read it!

Top 3 for prompt 208:

Electric Nipples by Cammies on the floor 
Reading this second of a two part series by Cammies, I smiled when I realized how much she has enjoyed this experience, so much so that she totally forgot about the audience around her. It’s beautiful to lose yourself like that during play and in your play partner.

In Front of an Audience by Stella Kiink 
It always hurts my heart when others have been treated bad, especially if it has such long-term effects as it had with Stella. This post touched me deeply and I wish I could help her in some or other way.

Wicked Wednesday #208 – Audience by F Dot Leonora 
Back in week 97 of Wicked Wednesday Leonora started writing this story and she hasn’t missed a week and always uses the prompt in a very creative way. This week she has outdone herself and wrote a damn hot post!



There are opportunities all around us, if only we care to look and pay attention. Those opportunities might be anything you can think of… meeting new people, visiting new places, helping someone, experiencing something new… and many more! Have you recently seen an opportunity and taken advantage of it? Or maybe you’ve seen it, but let it go by? Or maybe there is an opportunity you are waiting for? Tell us about your opportunities…

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