Turmoil in one’s life is a dangerous thing. It cuts you loose from your moorings, makes you look at things differently, do different things. It certainly has knocked me off kilter.

Way off. I discovered tumbler porn. The blogs that most caught my attention seem to be mid-twenties to mid-thirties people of a mixed variety. Now, I probably should tell you I am male, and quite a bit older than you probably expect.

Sure, I saw lots of things, some new, some not; but one thing in particular really intrigued me. I thought about it. I went back and looked again. Then I looked for more.

I found more. I knew I wanted to try that, but how? I don’t know anybody that I could even ask. So I thought about it, I built fantasies, and I wrote about it. But that wasn’t enough. I did some research, found some tips, some do’s and don’ts. I found the most suitable thing I could and headed to the shower.

I broke most of the do’s. But I remembered the don’ts. And OMG my world changed. I didn’t come, but I knew I had to try that again.

So this afternoon I went somewhere I could relax and take my time. I put new batteries in my iBod vibrator. It’s a short skinny little thing but it has a good shape for keeping itself in place.  I dropped it into a jacket and started exploring. I was just looking for a dildo; I didn’t turn it on. I found some nice sensations.

I was surprised, I had explored once or twice earlier in life but nothing ever happened.  This, this felt good. I took my time, moved slowly. Good moved on to really good. Then right into ‘oh god I like that’-good. I was giving myself instructions out loud. Then it happened.

At first I didn’t realize what it was. My finger must have hit a button on the end of the toy. I felt a low rumble, I didn’t recognize it at first. It had to grow a little bit. One of those patterns. It built. Slowly. I had to clench around it. That only made it more. The rumbling seemed to come from everywhere. It built, then it receded. With no specific origin it built again. I’d never felt anything like that before. It built and waned. I just laid there as it built up again and again.

I always thought that men got the short end of the stick in the orgasm department. Mine have always been good, but nothing like the ones I’ve had the good fortune to trigger for Ladies. I kinda figured being able to have 4 or 6 in a row was my compensation for that. I didn’t know that wasn’t a common feature in men. Anyway that particular talent hasn’t proven as popular as one might first think.

So it’s buzzing and building. I’m lying there on my side and I feel like I have to pee. The vibe slows and I’m ok again. Then it builds again and I’m fighting to hold it back. It builds again and I can’t. Yet it subsides.

And builds again.

The orgasm starts.

I didn’t know there was such a thing as an anal orgasm. It’s huge. Life Changing. It clenches my toes, my face, and everything in between. I can’t breathe, but there’s a sound coming out of me that I’ve never tasted before. I’m not moving, not touching myself, my dick isn’t even hard. And I’m coming all over myself. I’m helpless, it doesn’t stop, and I’m coming again…Or more.

What’s most amazing is how relaxed my body has been since then. Orgasm has never done that, not like this. Even now, late into the evening, the raging emotions that have torn at me for weeks are quiet.

I don’t know, I can only say I want another one. With a partner next time. And I don’t care whether she does it handheld, or strap-on. I only hope it’s soon.

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10 thoughts on “Turmoil

  1. My husband loved how hard he would come as he stroked himself and I stimulated his anally. It was an amazing orgasm to watch him have.

    I love how descriptive you were, serious props on the writing aspect of this, it sounds amazing

  2. Isn’t it wonderful to discover new joys our body can give us? I hope that you get to share this with a partner at some point


    1. Thanks Molly. Yeah, our bodies are strange things. They can send us to the moon, or drag us to the depths. Sometimes alternately. No wonder we have such messed up relationships with them.

  3. I love discovering new things about my body, it never ceases to amaze me what it can do. Your experience sounds remarkably hot!

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