I was out surfing one night and ran into this picture of a simple wooden chair in the middle of a kitchen floor. On the flat hard seat stood a glass dildo catching the light from the ceiling fixture above. The image haunted me until I began writing. Then the characters kept after me until it was finished. So here it is, presented in two parts, to be concluded next week. Enjoy Part One. And do please come back for the exciting conclusion.

The Chair
Part One
by Geno Day

“You’re late” she calls from the living room as I close the front door. When I turn around my wife Marie is standing at the end of the entryway wearing my white button down dress shirt and little else. The shirt hangs unbuttoned its entire length, revealing a generous view. The little else consists of her favorite lacy panties and purple strap-on.

“Renee was here. You just missed her.” A pang of jealousy poked at me as I thought of Renee seeing her attire. Marie doesn’t know I’ve seen their secret smiles, stolen glances.

“Not entirely,” I reply, leaving out she’s the reason I am currently half erect. “She said ‘Hi’ in the elevator,” I explained.

“Well I hope you were friendly.”

“I was.” Renee just moved into the apartment directly below our sixth floor flat last month. I’d exchanged smiles and hellos with her, even a flirt or two in passing, but we hadn’t been officially introduced yet.

“She try to kiss you?”

“Yep. Just a friendly little peck hello.”  It was a total lie. She pushed me against the back wall and shoved her tongue in my mouth.

“Well I hope you kissed her back.”

“Oh yeah.” I left out the ‘all the way up to her floor’ part. “Then she tried to grope me.”  Actually she forced her hand between my legs and rubbed my dick all the way up to her fifth floor apartment. Ok, ‘forced’ might be a little strong, Maybe it’s that curly red hair I can’t resist.

“That could be my fault. I might have mentioned your tight little buns once or twice.”

“Say, did you lend Renee your cologne? She smelled so like you.” When she backed me into the elevator, rubbing herself against me. She pressed her lips to mine and I couldn’t say no. My mouth opened, hers answered. I felt her hand on my leg, I didn’t move. She had her tongue in my mouth, her hand on my dick, and she tasted of Marie. I totally let her hit the stop button.

“Now come to the kitchen, I have something for you.” Marie’s voice jarred me back from the elevator to reality. I watched the tail of my shirt sway as Marie retreated. Oh those legs, the way she moves her shape… My cock gave a thrum of appreciation as I turned to follow.

At the doorway I saw the wooden chair and the rope looped over the arm. It was your basic plain chair, 3 board back, wide flat seat, no cushion, thin flat arms that widen out as they curve, and the legs splayed out. As I came further into the room I saw the glass dildo standing up gleaming in the middle of the seat and I stopped in my tracks.
“Drop ’em.”  was her curt command.

I gulped, not so much because of the rope or the blindfold on the other arm of the chair, but because there would be no denying the state Renee had left me in. Did I say currently half erect? Truth was that ride one more floor up offered very little respite from the length and girth that vixen had inspired. Of course my wife’s attire wasn’t doing much to lessen the pressure. I know the feel of that purple cock well.

If I reacted a little slowly it didn’t matter as Marie’s hands were already pulling my belt loose, breaking the snap, and pushing my jeans over my hips.

“Sit! boy.” Another curt command demanded as she spun me around into position. Then looking down at my crotch added. “You are in trouble Mister.”

My cock twitched itself even further erect under my wife’s glaring gaze as I remembered Renee’s parting words. Her fingers wrapped around me for what I expected to be a final squeeze. Instead she breathed into my ear as she took her first tender stroke of my length.  “Leave the latch open,” then added “I’ll be coming back” as her fingers slid from my cock, and her hand from my pants. I don’t even know how she got in there.

My hands supported my weight as I lowered myself down, unsure about what waited below. I couldn’t tell if the glass just gleamed in the sunlight or because it was coated with oil. Marie’s hand on my shoulder didn’t allow me time to consider it either.

I had to adjust my position slightly as the tip made contact. I took a breath as it pressed its target and gained purchase. I felt my flesh give way as the head began opening me. I thought of the purple cock between Marie’s legs, the feel of her hands on my hips, her fingers, how she opens me, slips inside. She pauses before she begins fucking me so slowly.

“Slowly now,” she encouraged, as though reading my thoughts.

My mouth opened as the head grew wider. I think my eyes may have bulged out a bit too. Then I felt the ridge pulling me tight, and with a sigh it entered me. I couldn’t help looking down where my wife’s eyes were fixed at the seat of the chair. I couldn’t see the glass cock rising up towards me like she probably could, but I could see my own cock decidedly at its best and straining for more.

“I think it’s time for this now.” Marie grabbed the blindfold off the arm of the chair without averting her gaze. Her movement drew my attention upward just in time for the hungry look on her face to be burned into my mind’s eye as the blindfold snapped into place.

No camera could record the fire in her eyes, her laser focus on the seat of the chair, my cock straining up for her, the gleaming glass cock standing erect waiting beneath me. Already inside me. Just the image of it cost me another inch of dignity. And then there is the shape of her mouth, her lips. Pure lust. No thought. Just pure desire, pure offer. I felt myself slipping again.

“Good boy,” Her praise warmed me. I love her smile when she softens her voice. Her next quiet command burned its way through me. “Now take it all.”

I lowered myself gingerly as it filled me. Unlike Marie’s gel cock, this one felt so thick and hard, and unyielding.  And What? Slightly warm? It pressed relentlessly and felt impossibly long as I inched down its length. I tried to remember how long it looked when I first saw it from the doorway, but the image only grew bigger and bigger. I heard the soft click of the front door latch closing about the same time I felt Marie give the strings of the blindfold an extra knot. I thought of that view from the doorway again; and what must be three, four inches? maybe more? of gleaming glass cock standing beneath me. I couldn’t help moaning, feeling it move again, knowing it soon would fill me to the hilt. But not before it wouldn’t be only Marie looking and Renee quite possibly knew it’s exact length, and likely it’s girth.

My cock raised its angle again.

That’s when Marie reached for the ropes and began spreading my legs, hooking my foot about the back leg of the chair. This sits me straight up, legs spread wide, still supporting my weight on my arms. She must have been kneeling right in front of me then, because I felt her warm breath on my cock. My submission was complete even though I knew she was not going to touch me. It washed over me in a warm liquid glow. I would think she could see it. She hooked my other foot around the chair and in a moment it too was caught in place.

“Slowly now,” she cautioned. I could tell from the sound of her voice she was moving. And then near my ear, “I told her she could watch.”

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  1. Oh, my! This is SO not usually my kink– but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t into this 😉 So excited to read on next week! xx

    1. Thanks so much for reading. It was an unusual story for myself also. I stopped and started on it several times before I got a handle on it. I’m glad it found a way to capture your imagination also. Hope you enjoy you the second part as much.

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