I was out surfing one night and ran into this picture of a simple wooden chair in the middle of a kitchen floor. On the flat hard seat stood a glass dildo catching the light from the ceiling fixture above. The image haunted me until I began writing. Then the characters kept after me until it was finished. So here it is, the second of two parts.

The Chair
By Geno Day
Part 2


“I told her she could watch.”

My stomach did a back flip. She…Renee…Watch…

And there I sat, err, almost sat, tied and blindfolded, spread wide open by my wife Marie, supporting my own weight as best I could above the biggest gleaming glass cock I had never seen before. It already impaled me several inches. Marie had sent me out, told me to be back by 2:00 PM. Her new friend Renee ambushed me in the elevator. I was late. The chair was waiting. Marie said ‘Sit!’

I opened myself as much as I could, I took a deep breath and sank down as I released the breath. I had to focus, gather myself. I had no idea where Renee was; I hadn’t heard her heels on the floor at all.  She could be standing in the entry waiting, the doorway enjoying the big picture, or kneeling right there, watching that glass monster violate me. My pulse beat in my ears, I wanted her to look.

I thought about Renee’s face, how she looked at the elevator door in the car park. Her smoky eyes looking right into me as she held the door for me. I concentrated on that image, those eyes. Control breathing, focus. I pursed my lips and tried to grind myself in a circle against that glass rod. It was surprisingly fixed in place. That didn’t work. I thought of those eyes, looking into them, I began rubbing myself up and down on it. That worked. I smiled and thought of Renee watching. My lips formed a kiss, and looking deep into her eyes I sank down again, taking more of the thick cock beneath me. There was a nub something, a vein molded in, somewhere, in exactly the right location. I don’t know what is was, but I wanted it. I twisted and leaned, rubbed that spot up and down. I liked that. I knew it showed on my face. I didn’t care.

I pinched my eyes shut and did what felt good. I thought of Renee and Marie watching, maybe kissing. Kissing like they had kissed me; Marie when she sent me off with errands, and Renee when I came back, both of them hungry, demanding, ready to tear clothes off.  I arched back as far as I could, allowing my head to fall limp and felt myself coming. My cock quivered, erupted. The first shot launched, and disappeared. Every twitch, every sensation that ran through me echoed off that cock inside of me and boomed right back through me again. My second shot landed on my belly right above my hair. I laid back gasping for air. I couldn’t stop moving against it. I could feel my come running down my cock, I hoped someone would drag their fingers through it, smear it around. My breath caught mid-moan as I floated, fucking that glorious thing and coming.

When my breathing slowed and I opened my eyes I found myself fully seated on the wood chair. My forearms were now tied to the arms of the chair, palms down. I still had the blindfold intact. The glass cock filled me like I’d never imagined. Every little twitch or movement was fully reported.

“Geno,” Marie spoke up behind me, “I’d like you to meet Renee.”
Marie was behind me, that meant…I tried to move my legs, cover up. Locked tight. Where is Renee? Still no clue. Nothing I can do. Panic subsides quickly, replaced with the fire of wanting her to look.

“A pleasure, Geno.” Renee spoke quietly. She was close. Maybe in front of me. Then she moaned and I felt her breath on my thigh.

I felt her breath again, on my cock this time. Then a touch, soft, wet, barely there. Her tongue? Then her lips closed about my tip. My body jerked automatically in response, my cock offering itself to her.  If I lost control for a moment and thrust just so, would she open for me? But I couldn’t move and moments later her lips are on mine. They are wet, she tastes of cum; mine. I accept her tongue into my mouth, it holds a large salty drop. I suck it clean.

“Delicious” we both say as our lips part. Her hands behind my head pull me back to her open mouth. She is hungry, demanding. Her mouth tasted of a heady combination of her and me, with still an undertone of Marie. I wanted to devour her,

She puts some of her weight on my shoulders as she leans in kissing me. I can feel her body moving and I wonder what Marie is up to.

I don’t have to wonder long as Renee pulls away from my mouth and bites at my ear. “I told her you could watch.”

She pushed her arms down hard on my shoulders to raise herself. I felt the blindfold begin to move bit by bit. More than that, her extra weight forced that last bit of gleaming hard glass inside of me. I thought I was going to burst. I rocked against it anyway.

Finally, I began to see light. Marie was standing behind Renee, one hand on Renee’s hip, other arm around her, pulling her back away from me, bending Renee over at the waist.

I love fucking Marie this way. I bend her over the back of the couch, with her legs straight her ass juts deliciously in the air. I gather her wrists at the small of her back, holding her down as I use my foot to spread her legs. My cock teases along her lips until it finds her clit. The ridge rubs over it once, maybe twice. Until she shudders. It feels like her lips try to surround me as I retreat to her opening. Then she makes that sound as she pushes herself onto me. She wants it deep. She makes that sound again as I find that spot. Then she begins to fuck. Renee is in for a treat.

When I felt rope against my neck I understood Renee’s wrists were tied. Marie held her bound between us, yet unable to touch. A purple tip of cock rose from the split of Renee’s cheeks, the shaft firmly pressed to her tender, and very naked flesh.

Marie’s hand rose from Renee’s waist, she split her fingers, drawing a viscous string of cum between the first three. She licked the middle one, drawing the strings to her lips.

I focused on Renee right in front of me. I found her eyes, drew her gaze to raise her face to mine. I looked deep into her and watched the joy of that purple cock sliding into her being painted on her face. I strained forward, reaching for that face. I looked into those eyes, one extra push, and our lips met.  I felt Renee quiver, breathe into me. We connected right there, the three of us. In movement and breath together.

I found myself moving in time with them. I continued kissing Renee.  I don’t think that was the intention. We also continued fucking.  Renee and Marie, Me, and Renee’s glass dildo.

Marie did eventually untie me, but not Renee.
Oh, it turned out I was wrong about her becoming Marie’s lover.  She became our lover.
Our first.

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