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Last week the prompt was condoms. Some interesting posts were linked – posts where you could learn something from and posts where I wanted to reach out and hug the person who wrote it. For those who didn’t get to writing a condom post last week, you might be able to incorporate last week’s prompt with this weeks. But it’s all up to you, of course.

On to the top 3 condom posts:

Condom Hell by The Long Bean 
These people have been at it for as long as Wicked Wednesday exists, which is an incredibly long time for a story. They never seem to be running out of ideas and what really caught my attention in this one, is the using more than one condom and what the effect is of that.

The Art of Cock: Week 11 – Magnum Man! by Eugene Noale 
As you could have read in my post, I have little to no experience with condoms. I never even touched one, to be honest. Since I have never really given it any thought, I didn’t know there was such a science behind choosing the correct sized condom, but thanks to Eugene Noale, I now know how it should be done!

Bending The Rules by Illicit Thoughts 
I really am a sucker for an office romance. Not for real (although I had two hot ones in my life) but in stories. There’s just something about doing things you’re not allowed to do! This story has all those elements!



There are so many adverts out there for so many different products, and yes, also for sex and sex products. Do you have a sexy, weird, funny or horror story to tell about adverts for anything sex-related? Come on, share your experiences!

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One thought on “Prompt #192: Advert

  1. Oh wow! I made the top three and didn’t even use your prompt! I’m delighted Rebel!
    Thank you soooooo much!

    I love this prompt too!

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