“Now. Pick up where we left off. Summarize and be quick about it,” said Amy. As I watched she whipped her tee-shirt off her tasty body and left the bed.
“You make it difficult to think straight when you tease me like this.” I reached out to stroke her leg. It was an effort because every part of my body ached. She scooted backwards out of my grasp. We had stayed up late and the all night activities registered in my muscles.
She shook her head and smiled. “Summarize, my dear.”
When she cradled those luscious breasts in the palms of her hands and her thumbs swirled over the tightened nipples, I knew she was going to push me. Lack of sleep muddled my mind and worked against other parts of me that appeared to be ready to go.
“You really don’t play fair, do you?” I scrubbed my hands over my face to wake up.
“It’s all about getting you what you want. Summarize. Now, Clint.” She slid one hand down into her panties staring straight at me. I smelled her sweet scent in the air and my mind kicked into sex overdrive. I wanted to explore her tight, warm space. She raised a playful, but stern eyebrow and mouthed, “Now.”
“Dr. Schnarch’s quantum sexual response model says that physical stimuli combined with psychological processes equal total stimulus level.”
She hooked her thumbs in her panties and began to ease them down her thighs. “And?”
I imagined my hands on her thighs, so soft and supple. “Physical is about the quality and quantity of touch and psychological deals with emotional and cognitive processing.”
Turning her back to me, she bent over pushing her panties down and off. Then, upside down, she peered at me through her spread legs. “Anything special about psychological processes?”
She set up this view to drive me crazy. Her wiggling ass issued my favorite invitation. She knew exactly how to tempt me. “Intrapsychic and relationship components modulate the psychological processes which are sorely underestimated.” At this moment, I appreciated how much I had personally underestimated them. But mostly, I didn’t understand how any brain process worked in my head because all the blood in my body had to be in my penis.
From her head down vantage point, Amy’s hand slid over her wet, bare, glistening vulva. My breath hitched. She outlined her lips then slapped herself. The smack demonstrated how wet she was. My heart rate increased. She plunged two fingers inside as she moaned, “Lastly?”
I rose up on the bed, ready. “When total levels of stimulation reach two distinct response thresholds, then physiological changes associated with adequate sexual functioning occur.”
“Which means what, big boy?” She sucked on her wet fingers. My penis twitched and I wanted a taste of her.
“Arousal threshold is a woman’s lubrication or a man’s erection.”
She licked her fingers. “Yes, tell me more.”
Her eyes widened as I took my penis in hand and gave it a couple of good strokes. “Then there is orgasm threshold. It’s a reflex. Just like arousal, it requires necessary and sufficient total stimulation to reach the threshold.”
She straightened up and turned. Giggling, she sashayed to the bed. “You just might get that A on this exam. Now it’s time for the lab review, so I can discern your aptitude for threshold understanding.”
I put my hand around her waist and pulled her down to the bed and hovered over her. I pressed my penis into her folds like a hotdog into a bun. I slid my length up and down in her wetness. “Discern away. But we both have sufficiently activated arousal threshold.”
“Uh huh, but I have to test you on orgasm threshold.”
I nudged her with a little pelvis rock reminding her where my penis was. “Yeah, I think we might be headed that way.”
“Wait a minute. I get to decide how you will demonstrate the percentages.”
I smirked and shook my head at her thoughtful but spirited reviewing efforts.
She ran her finger tips over my shoulders and up and down my arms causing a shiver. “Do I want you to provide more physical stimuli or more psychological stimuli or equal parts of both to get to total stimuli?”
I settled my body weight on top of her and whispered in her ear, “I’ll do whatever you want, but just know, I’m returning the favor.”
She pushed me back up and searched my face. “Wait, what do you mean?”
“The female sexual anatomy exam is in two weeks. I’m taking charge of your review. It’s going to be detailed, hands on, and extremely slow paced. And best of all, you have two weeks to imagine my teaching techniques, so beginning tomorrow, no panties and only skirts.”
Her pupils dilated and heated desire crossed her face. She threaded her hands in my hair and brought us nose to nose. “You know what. You’ve got a handle on these psychological processes. We need to move on to lots of quality physical stimuli, the pumping and thrusting variety, so I can test your orgasm threshold.”
As I gazed into her face, I recognized her signs of frustration and need. She was on the edge. I didn’t move a muscle. “Uh, huh. What’s the magic word?”

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  1. Now is my magic word too!

    And a great story. I have a partner who wants me to rate, or summarize, my orgasms so he can understand them better. I find it challenging to do as I’m extremely unfocused during those times

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