Welcome to my second post for TMI Tuesday. When I got the list of questions in my mail, I had absolutely no inspiration for it. At first I thought I would not participate, but then I decided to just go for it. So bear (or bare) with me while I work through the questions and give you the first answer that pops into my mind!

1. Which ONE do you wish you had more of in bed… romance, experimentation or foreplay?

Actually none of the three, as I have them all. I don’t always have all of them in the same session, but I cannot complain that I don’t have any of them. I would say that romance is the one I have less than the other two, but that’s if I talk about romance in bed. We are neither very romantic people, but we do have our romantic moments and that can happen anywhere, whether at home or somewhere on our travels. We experiment quite a lot and there’s also a lot of foreplay, which sometimes starts during the day and ends in bed in the evening.

2. What are three mistakes someone could make on the first date with you that would automatically make you turn down a second date with them?

Ouch, three mistakes… let me see. Now before I answer this I have to say that the dates I have nowadays are always dates together with Master T. Mostly the intention of dates are because we want to get to know the other person or other couple better before we engage in possible sexual play. So what can you do to really make me not want to have a second date with you? This:

  • If you’re a couple, the one thing that pisses me off is when one of the other couple would zoom in too much on either me or Master T and totally forget that they are part of a couple. It happened once that we had a date with a couple and the man actually turned in his chair to face me and had his back to his partner. I felt uncomfortable on her behalf and made a huge effort to talk only to her;
  • Talking about yourself all evening and showing no interest at all to get to know me better;
  • Assuming that I would do things, like assuming that because I am a sub I should submit to you too or assuming that since I am bisexual I will have sex with the woman who is part of a couple.

3. Tell us something sexual you do not do anymore? Why?

This is a difficult one. Absolutely nothing other comes to mind than that I don’t use any ‘insertables’ anymore if they are not made of glass or steel. Reason why? Infections. Enough said…

4. During sex would you rather have a lover: (pick only one)
a. pull your hair
b. scratch your back
c. spank your ass

You know how to make it difficult, right? But if I have to choose only one, I would go with ‘spank your ass’ first. Although I absolutely love ‘pull your hair’ too and would put ‘scratch your back’ in the third place. Sorry, I guess this means I used all three in my answer.

5. Foreplay: Is there such a thing as too much?

Yes and no. Sometimes there comes a moment where I want the foreplay to be over and have the real play start and other times I enjoy the foreplay so much that I want it to carry on. I think it depends on the kind of foreplay here. Foreplay where I am touched and ‘gotten ready’ for sex – that’s the kind of foreplay I want to turn into sex at some stage. Foreplay where we tease each other all day or hint on things we want to do, that’s the foreplay that I don’t mind if it takes several hours and gradually changes over into touching and sex.

Bonus: What is the best thing about you?

I said it already and say it again: You know how to make it difficult, right?
I always have difficulty answering questions like this about myself. Ask me this about someone else, and I will name a list of things. About myself? No, not as much. So how should I answer this question? Easy way out: you tell me what the best thing is about me… see, I can make it difficult too! *Grins…

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