Prompt #181: The boss’s dinner

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Last week’s prompt was about virgins and virginity. I used the phrase ‘losing your virginity’ because this is just the way it has been called through the years, and as expected, this was addressed, because rightfully so, going from a virgin to a non-vigrin doesn’t mean you lose something. It’s experience you gain. However, I didn’t want this to be a discussion about semantics. I wanted to give people a place to share their thoughts and experiences. Virginity, losing it, having it taken from you… that will, in my humble opinion, always be a touchy kind of subject.

My top three posts for last week’s prompt are as follows:

Virginity by A to sub Bee 
Sub Bee managed to address many issues about virginity in her well-written and thoughtful post. She leaves people with food for thought, and maybe inspiration for other posts. She closes her post with a brilliant line, which in itself van be used to start another post.

Late Bloomer by Maria Opens Up 
This seemed to be just another post where a girl had sex for the first time and wondered whether this was really it; if this was what the big fuzz was about. Then the posts turns and there’s an element of fun in it, making the experience so much more enjoyable. This is what struck me in the post, that unexpectedly disappointing things can turn to things that bring a smile to our faces when we think of it.

And Still I Rise by Let’s Skip the Pleasantries, Shall We? 
This post left me staring at my screen for some time after I had read it. Powerful. Pain. Strength. The latter always comes from within, but sometimes we need some help to rise up, just the way this lovely woman did and still does.


It’s time we do a writing prompt again, getting those creative juices flowing even stronger:

She wants to make a good impression when having dinner at her boss’s house, but her husband has a tendency to say exactly what is on his mind if he has one drink too many…


Write an erotic story using the prompt, or surprise us with photos that fit the prompt.
As always you are allowed to link posts that don’t meet the prompt, as the prompt is not compulsory.

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