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The prompt for last week was ‘Happy place’ and I definitely was in a happy place when I read all the posts that were linked. Twenty-six of them and of course that made me even happier! Thanks to all who have linked their posts, who help to make this meme a success. Without you I won’t have been able to make it to week 180 of Wicked Wednesday!

With 26 posts linked, it was again quite a task to pick out a top 3, but I finally settled on these posts, for different reasons:

Creating a happy place by Happy Come Lucky 
This piece struck me because of the simple beauty of it. How many of us search outside ourselves for happiness, for our happy places, while all of the time we hold it right there in our own hands, inside ourselves. This posts clearly illustrates (by words and pictures) how one can find that place inside yourself, by doing something you love to do!

Silk and Velvet Beneath His Hand by Zelda O’Bannon 
What I love about this story is how a ‘plain Jane’ is noticed by someone who looks below the surface, who sees a special person inside and unlocks something in her that gives her confidence and strength. In this short piece Zelda O’Bannon has managed to let her characters come alive and to leave a sense of awe in the reader. Beautiful writing.

In Africa by Exposing40 
The beauty of this post for me is the way in which Exposing40 has managed to capture the difference between Europe and Africa, when it comes not only to body image, but also to acceptance of the personality of a person. It made me smile to read about the different views on arses, and made me glance in the mirror to see my own very round ‘African’ arse. That even broadened my smile. I would love to read more about Exposing40’s ‘Africa Adventures’ and the differences she encounters when it comes to body image and the ways we present ourselves. It’s quite intriguing.


Virginity is the state of someone who has never had sexual intercourse. That’s the general definition for it and somewhere in some stage of our lives, we all lose our virginity. When do you think that it is? Women, do you lose your virginity when you first penetrate yourself with an object or when you are first penetrated by a man? Men, do you lose your virginity when you first penetrate a another person, or when you first masturbate? I bet there’s many different opinions of this! When did you lose your virginity? Who did you lose it to?

If you don’t want to write about yourself, you can also write fiction about virginity… or link any other post you want to, because as you know, the prompt is never compulsory!

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