Prompt #169: I don’t want realism, I want magic.

Monogamy, the prompt of last week, brought us 24 fabulous links. I loved reading the views, reading about how people deal with monogamy. There were sad things in there, but also things that made me smile and things that made me want to hug the author. Thanks to all who have linked up!

I had quite a job to choose the top 3 for the monogamy prompt. In the end I went with my heart, choosing those posts that touched me the deepest, and were still clear in my head for days after I have read them. Those three posts are:

Wicked Wednesday: Monogamy by Miss Scarlet 
This post really stayed with me because I recognized something of myself in it. I think there might be some truth in it that men are from Mars and women from Venus. I say this because it’s true that men react differently to things than women. In this post Miss Scarlet says that her husband had agreed to something, but she kept on thinking about it and didn’t start about it, because she didn’t want to hurt him. However, the first time she discussed the subject, her husband was thankful that she was honest. Her guilt is stopping her from talking to him. And most probably, when she brings the subject up with her husband again, she might realize that her fear was totally ungrounded, the way I have found so many times with Master T, that my fear exists only in my mind and is not real at all. When a man says he’s okay with it, in about 95% of the cases he indeed is okay with it.

The Couple and the Coquette by Jade A Water 
I smiled when I read this post and I thought about it so many times after I have read it. The love between these three was so beautiful, and actually still is. I’ve been in a relationship with a couple before and it was nowhere as beautiful as this, as loving. Oh no, it was filled with jealousy and hate and hurt me so much in the 9 months that it lasted that I literally fled from it. With this story Jade showed me how beautiful such a relationship can be – that it can be as beautiful as the fantasy was in my mind when I started that relationship. Jade, you are so privileged to have been in this relationship and to still have them as your friends today!

Why I hate the word slut by Dedi 
This is the post that have been going around and around in my head for days. As always, Dedi has a clear and analytical way to explain her thoughts, and in this case she clearly explained just why she hates the word slut. This obviously made me think of how I feel about the word slut. I came to the conclusion that it all depends on the context in which the word slut is used. During play, I love it, but I might have mixed feelings about it in other situations. Dedi’s post will be in my mind for much longer and I think I will go back to it many times to read it again as it is a thought-provoking post for sure!

So there you have it, my top three monogamy posts. Have you missed the monogamy prompt and do you still want to write a post on it? I think that this week’s prompt might just give you an opportunity to still voice those thoughts…

Sometimes you just see something somewhere and you know you have to use it. Two lovely ladies had a conversation on Twitter and tipped me to use this as a Wicked Wednesday prompt:

Interpret any way you want, any part you want, and share your stories.

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  1. Thank you so much for such a lovely commentary on the post, Marie! I’m not happy your experience wasn’t a good one, but I am delighted you enjoyed hearing about mine. Thank you for selecting “The Couple and the Coquette”! XX

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