Prompt #165: Peeping Tom

Only 13 posts were linked last week and by now I am convinced that it is because of the summer holidays that things are slower. So I have my hopes set on autumn to get the numbers way up high again.

My top 3 posts for last week’s prompt is as follows:

Blowjob Foursome by Stranded in Toronto 
The way this man writes conversations just seems to put one right there in the scene, as if you are a fly on the wall, watching this sexy blowjob scene. Those girls are definitely enjoying themselves!

Saving A Horse by Fun With Sammi 
This poem tells as sexy story. The further I read the more I wanted to continue, wanted to know where the sex and sexiness would take me.

Tying The Knot by Life And Times Of Lunargirl 
A different kind of love story, ending in a wedding that makes me wonder just how cool the party will be. This is a great story with a perfect use of last week’s prompt.

Let’s get extra wicked this week. The prompt is:

Peeping Tom

– a person who derives sexual pleasure from secretly watching people undressing or engaging in sexual activity.

Time for confessions: have you ever been a Peeping Tom? Have you ever stood outside a door and bent down to look through the keyhole? Or deliberately watched someone through a window? Or have you ever been aware of someone standing outside, watching you? What did you do? Hide away or gave them a show? Share your true stories or write a sizzling piece of Peeping Tom erotica.

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