Prompt #159: Give a dog a bone

G is for Goosebumps by Anna Sky of The Kinky Brits 
This is part of an ongoing series for the #spanka2z but it works perfectly as a stand alone piece too. What I really like about this piece is the reference to ‘that damn book’. When I read that I wonder how many couples have at last admitted their interest in BDSM to each other after reading ‘that book’. A post that made me feel like a fly on the wall, witnessing this scene.

Make Me… (aka, How I Spent Sunday Afternoon!) by Illicit Thoughts 
Sometimes we have bad moods and sometimes we know exactly what would help to get us out of such a bad mood. This piece paints that picture very nicely and what’s even better is that this really happened. Great piece of writing!

He doesn’t have to make me by Brigit Delaney 
A vulnerable piece that gives us a peek into the struggle within her, how she noticed that she has grown. If you read more posts on Brigit’s site, you will notice more of this struggle and the things she learns about herself. Beautiful post.

This week’s prompt was a suggestion from Velvet Rose of the website ‘The (Erotic Ponderings) of Velvet Rose’. She was nominated for a Liebster Award and asked what she would suggest for a prompt for Wicked Wednesday and this is what she came up with:

“Give A Dog A Bone” – what gets you going what really riles you or what do you get passionate about to the point where you won’t let go tell us what is your “Give A Dog A Bone” subject?

So come on, tell us what gets you into a hot, passionate discussion?

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2 thoughts on “Prompt #159: Give a dog a bone

  1. Thank you for including me in the top 3. I’m very curious as to whether ‘that book’ has made a difference too. It must certainly have helped a few conversations…
    A x

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