It was fabulous to see more bloggers linking up for the prompt ‘desire’ and I hope to see all of them returning again this week! Having so many links to choose a top 3 from was a difficult task, but one I thoroughly enjoyed. The posts I chose to be in the top 3 for last week’s prompt all are from bloggers who share very personal things from their lives. Heartfelt words, sexy words, deep feelings and desires.

Modesty’s memories of Desire by Modesty Ablaze 
Modesty shares a piece from her journal from when she and her husband started the sexy journey they are on. She tells about an evening she met S in a hotel and how she was dressed going there. But dressing the way she did was something she mulled over in her mind many times before she finally did it. I was sorry to get to the end of this and would love to read more from this sexy woman’s journal!

#melodrama by Understanding Flutterby 
Thoughts about her changing body, her changing desires and the influence it has on her mind, her soul. Read this post and then read it again. Allow the words to pull you in. Feel her pain, her doubts, her desire.

Where the f**k did it go? By The Lustful Literate 
Brigit is going through a very difficult time in her life and asks herself where her desire disappeared too. This is a post in which she gives us a look into her mind and her life. It explains why she has disappeared from the blogging scene, because she feels she doesn’t belong anymore. I hope we can convince her differently…

Then… this week’s prompt… the prompt was suggested by the wonderfully talented F Dot Leonora, who just happens to celebrate her birthday today! She suggested this prompt – roses – when she accepted a nomination for the Liebster Award and one of the questions was for suggestions for Wicked Wednesday prompts. Come celebrate F Dot Leonora’s birthday with us by linking your posts to give her digital roses for her birthday.

And go…

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2 thoughts on “Prompt #156: Roses

  1. Awww…shucks, Marie…thanks for welcoming me back with open arms. This blogging community is always so damned amazing. I greatly appreciate the shout out.

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