Last week’s prompt was ‘Goals’ and some people have shared very nice posts about the goals they have set themselves. As you all know (or maybe not), the prompt is not compulsory, but it just so happens that the top 3 I chose have all followed the prompt. This past week has not been a good one for me, health-wise, and I think my top 3 reflects that:

Bulbous Head by Stranded in Toronto 
This is just a sexy, feel good post. I love how Stranded has weaved the woman’s feelings into this, the way she and the man exchanged knowing glances. It transported me back to the two times (!!) I had flings with colleagues.

Wicked Wednesday #149 – Goals by Just Indecerous 
This post touched my heart, as there are elements in there that reminds me of my son and the time he was bullied so much and the impact it has on his life now, but it also took me back to a happier time, when my husband and I met each other and we started taking care of each other.

A modest goal by Modesty Ablaze 
A smile formed on my face almost as soon as I started reading this. I just love the bubbly nature of Modesty and that she has only one goal: to make others smile. Well, she sure made me smile.

Let’s get on to this week’s prompt…

As sex bloggers we tend to keep our sex blogging lives far away from our real lives. We might tell a very close friend about our sex blogs, but you won’t tell your family. Some sex bloggers do not even tell there significant others about it and some tell no one at all. And, some sex bloggers are in the very privileged situation that they can be totally open about what they write about. The latter group would not mind about being exposed for what they do, but all the others will have given it some thought. Have you ever been exposed? Who did it and how did you feel about it? If you haven’t been exposed, have you ever given it thought to what you might do when you are exposed? How would you handle it? Share your stories and tips with other sex bloggers out there…

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