Reading through last week’s post I knew it was going to be difficult to choose a top 3, and it was. I had 5 posts on my shortlist and with pain in my heart had to remove two of them, to leave the following three:

A Marked Difference by DomSigns 
Just last week I learned about a horrific murder case in Ireland, where a man was convicted for killing a woman with whom he had a BDSM relationship. DomSigns wrote a post in reaction to that, about conscious choices, about safety, about choosing to explore boundaries. Anyone interested in BDSM, eve if only wanting to know more about it and not wanting to practice it, should read this!

Addendum by Understanding Flutterby 
This woman has an incredibly way with words (and photos, but this post doesn’t contain a photo). Read this, read it again. And again. And let it work it’s way into your mind to see what she sees and feel what she feels.

Burning Pages by Oleander Plume 
This made me cry. Having suffered abuse as a child, I know what impact it can have, even though I never felt traumatized by it. However, I will not deny that it might have changed the way I looked at sex, even though I never felt it did. Oleander’s post is that of a strong woman who has suffered a lot, but have found her therapy and her peace.

If you haven’t read these posts yet, please make sure to read them soon.

This week’s prompt is: Goals!

I tend to think that everyone has goals. Goals do not always have to be pertaining to a study or your work, but can be as simple as wanting to visit a family member, or planning to go to the shop for groceries. Sometimes we tend to not see that as goals, and in result to that, not see it as tiny successes throughout or normal day. Even just getting up in the morning is a huge success to some people, but most of us do it without even thinking about it. What goals do you have? Small ones? Big ones? Sexy ones? Do you set goals for the short term or do you tend to make a 5-year plan? Do you have success stories you want to share with us? Maybe a goal was to win someone’s heart and you succeeded? Or failed? How does it make you feel when you fail? Do you punish yourself severely for it or do you relativize, regroup and start over? We are curious to hear your stories, or see your goals…

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