I absolutely loved Stranded’s post for this prompt and should have included that in my top 3 for the sheer brilliance of it (can you tell that I am a fan of his writing?), but since this was Stranded’s prompt, I decided to choose three other posts for my top 3 for last week’s ‘interview’ prompt:

Clive’s Selfie Interview by Clive 
I started giggling quite early in reading this and by the end I was laughing, not giggling. Absolutely hilarious post!

Interviews, flirting, and why so many people get them wrong by Exhibit A 
I have read this post with growing interest and found myself nodding my head as I read on. The points of view in this post are interesting and actually so logical that I wonder why I have never read something like this before. One thing that really struck me was: “As far as I’m concerned, the onus is on them to impress me – to give me a reason to want to work with them – just as much as it is on me to impress them.”
An interesting post – go read it.

The interview you want to fail by Absolutely Ruby 
Like Ruby said in her warning above this post, rape is absolutely horrific and no one should ever go through something as terrible as this. That said, I do have rape fantasies. And I know I am not the only woman who have them. And I also know that I am not the only one who find this fantasy exciting.

The prompt for this week is all about reviews. Do you write reviews? Product reviews? Book reviews? Website reviews? Other kinds of reviews? Why do you write reviews? How do you write reviews? Do you have a specific way you go about it or do you do it differently every time? What tips do you have for other sex bloggers who would like to start on writing reviews?

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