Prompt #138: Graveyards/Cemeteries

After I have read all the posts for last week’s prompt, I said out loud: “Oh Molly, what have I done?” And with this I meant my decision to choose a top 3 instead of a top 5. This week was especially difficult, as people were so creative with the prompt. It also sparked some people back into writing and we have a couple of new players for Wicked Wednesday, which I hope we will see back frequently. A special welcome to the new players: CollaredMom of Chasing Me Chasing You, Jade Aurora Waters and Alice King blogging over at Malflic. And another special mention as I found it quite special that F Dot Leonora used this prompt to create another chapter in her ongoing Wicked Wednesday story.

It was difficult to decide which posts would be in my top 3 and after some debate with me, myself and I, I ended up with the following posts:

Unlocking Her Pleasure by Clitical Jenne
I love the symbolism in this story, which you can only find in the last paragraph. And getting to the last paragraph you read through paragraphs that filled with erotic images and sexiness.

Mistress Kay by Charlie J Forrester
Each time I read a story of Charlie, I am amazed at his talent for dialogues. Reading those, I feel like I am there, listening to the conversation. It was no different with this story, but when I got to the end of it, I was disappointed. Not because the story is bad, but because it’s good and I want to read on!

The Wait by Jade A Waters
We don’t frequently get poems linked for Wicked Wednesday but almost always when we do, they are beautiful and sexy and hot, like this one by Jade A Waters.


We are off to some darker places this week…

The prompt is set by the lovely Molly, owner of Molly’s Daily Kiss:

This weeks prompt is Graveyards/Cemeteries; Do you love em or hate em; Do they inspire darkly deviant thoughts and desires or maybe they just freak you out. The human race has long been fascinated with death and throughout history there are been rituals associated with the disposing of our dead from the earliest civilizations to present day this has often involved some sort of burial and the places where we bury our dead have long been inspiration for stories and tales of sinister doings. Vampires, ghosts and other undead monsters all have their roots in graveyards. Death is, after all, one of truly mysterious unknown human experiences.

So what about you? Do they fascinate you or scare you? Do you have a graveyard experience to share? Have you ever fucked in a graveyard or would you ever if you got the chance? And for those of you dealing in fiction then I think the graveyard location will hopefully inspire some truly wicked erotic tales.

Please note:

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6 thoughts on “Prompt #138: Graveyards/Cemeteries

  1. Oww that was a nice surprise! I certainly didn’t expect to log on to see the next prompt to see i was a top pick from last weeks prompts.
    I loved that prompt and it simply spoke to me. Now to go write about graveyards, and ghost oh my!
    Thanks for wicked Wednesday and the great prompts.

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  3. Oh Marie! So sorry for the delay on this, but thank you so much for including “The Wait” in your top 3! Wow! I’m honored as there are some lovely writers on this meme. I will definitely be back in the future, and I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed the poem! Thank you. XX-Jade

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