Prompt #136: Office affairs

Since this is the first post of 2015, let me take a moment to wish all of you a great 2015, filled with love, peace, happiness and good health!

Some of you might have noticed that I didn’t do a top 3 or a top 5 post yesterday. In the past weeks I have posted my top 3 or top 5 of the previous week in separate posts, but I have decided to do it differently as from this week. New year… new way of doing, I thought. So as from now the top 3 (yes, no top 5 anymore, at least not until the number of linked posts for Wicked Wednesday calls for it) will be mentioned when I post the new prompt.

Speaking of prompts. If any of you have ideas for prompts, please let me know. You can use the contact form to send it to me.

Without further ado, these are my top 3 posts for prompt #135:

2014 First Line Retrospective by Jade
There are others who did the same kind of roundup for the end of 2014, but I wanted to highlight Jade’s post over here for two reasons. Firstly because many of us have copied this idea from her and gave it our own twists and secondly because through this post of Jade, we can find many of the roundup posts others have done. And what I love too is that Cammies have given their unique turn on their roundup post and now Jade it taking that over from them. I love how a simple thought can grow and change and the sex blogging community get more and more interwoven.

A Year In The Life by Molly
This post features Molly’s most read posts of each month and a short though on each post from Molly’s side. I love how she did this roundup and I wanted to highlight this post here, because Molly is celebrating her fifth blogaversary and in the five years she has been blogging, she has done a lot for the sex blogging community with memes such as The Pussy Pride Project and Sinful Sunday, as well as with her writing on her own blog. Molly is always willing to help people, as is her husband. Congratulations on your fifth blogaversary, Molly, and we are looking forward to at least another five years of your words and projects!

The First Submission by Hannah
Everything we undertake in our lives has a beginning and sometimes also an end. The same goes for submission. We all start somewhere and the beauty of this is that we all start in our own way. There is no right or wrong way to do it, to submit to someone or to take someones submission. Reading this piece made me think back on our own start, the way it started. Every start is beautiful and this post is a portrayal of one of those beautiful beginnings.

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One last important point before we move on to this week’s prompt: the linky tool will be open from the moment the prompt goes live, until sometime during my Thursday evening, which is western European time. Your don’t have to wait until Wednesday for your post to go live. You can post and link any day you want from Saturday to Thursday.


Then it’s time for the prompt for the next week: Office affairs…

Yes, office affairs. Did you ever have one. Or wished you had one with the hunk of the office or the sexy secretary? Do you have a fantasy about someone at the office? If you have or had an office affair, how did it start? And how did it end? Why did it end?

Share your sexy stories, whether true or fiction, for this week’s Wicked Wednesday.

Please note:

  1. The rules for this meme can be found here and you can download the Wicked Wednesday badge on the same page.
  2. Don’t forget to add the Wicked Wednesday button to your post, post on your blog and come back here to link your post. You have from the moment the prompt appears on Saturday until some time on the Thursday to link your post.
  3. There will be a prompt every week to help those who need a little push of inspiration to put something to paper… Or rather, to know which keys to touch.
  4. Please note that it is not compulsory to follow the prompt. It is only here for inspiration when you need it!
  5. A weekly round up will be posted every week before the next prompt becomes available.

Thank you for participating and please, don’t forget to visit and read the other entries too! We all love to receive comments on our entries. Spread the love!

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