I have hoped for a huge amount of entries this week, but at the same time I also knew people would be busy celebrating Christmas with their loved ones, whether they believe in Christmas or not. It is a time of year to spend with family and friends and that keeps us away from computers and blogging.

Still, there were some brilliant entries this week and I really enjoyed the different Christmas stories. It didn’t make it easier to choose a top 5 though, but eventually I managed:

The Twelve Days of Kinkmas by The Gleeful Blade 
This put a huge smile on my face. Sometimes some things just need a bit of corruption.

Merry Christmas, Richard by The Sin Doll
A sinister story, which reminds us that there are people who experience Christmas in a different way than we do. People with mental illnesses but also people who are alone during the Christmas days, celebrating it all on their own, and not always by choice.

The God Unleashed by Oleander Plume 
Not that I really need it, but just think about all the fun one can have with truffles like Oleander writes about in her sexy Christmas story.

Merry, as in Christmas by Jolynn Raymond 
I want to be on Santa’s naughty list, but then again, maybe I don’t, because it seems only bad people are on there. Occasionally being naughty isn’t bad, right? This story isn’t only sexy but also has a moral value to it.

I’ll Be Home For Christmas by Lace Winter
Lace Winter manages to sketch a scenario where you want to hug Kathleen and shake David for not making it home on time for the Christmas Eve party. Then you read on and you see how David tries to make it up with Kat and in the end, everything is just a total surprise. An incredibly sexy and sweet story.

Next week will be all about New Year’s, so get your messages ready and wish all your readers and followers a fabulous 2015. The linky tool will be open one day longer to give everyone a chance to link their messages.

~ Marie Rebelle

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