Only two more weeks of Wicked Wednesday remain for this year and if you have been playing along with Wicked Wednesday from the beginning, you might already guess the prompts for the next two weeks. Do you have your Christmas messages ready? If not, get them ready, as they will definitely come in handy.

I hope the next to weeks of Wicked Wednesday will prove to be the most successful since I started the meme, but I cannot do it without your help. So spread the word…

The, my pick of the top 5 posts for this week:

Wicked Wednesday – Body Hair by Deviantt Kitten
She is so honest in this post that I just had to highlight it in my Top 5 for this week. And there’s a yummy photo too.

Guest Post – A Strange Nostalgia by @Kilted_Wookie
It’s nice to read about female pubes from a man’s point of view. Kilted Wookie is admitting that he loves pubes on a woman.

Menstruation. Does it weird you out? By Stella Kiink
Stella Kiink placed a stunning Sinful Sunday photo, showing menstrual blood, and it seemed to have weirded people out. She now writes a great post about menstrual blood, about how it’s perfectly natural and not harmful at all.

Canvas by The Gleeful Blade
The way he describes the feelings and observations during knife play made me feel as if I was there, watching him do it to her.

Reindeer by Happycomelucky
I love the way that Happycomelucky has described the feelings of the reindeer, the way she built this story up and worked towards the climax… literally.

~ Marie Rebelle

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