I think the subject for this week’s Wicked Wednesday might have been too serious, or that simply people are busy getting ready for Christmas and the holidays and that is why they don’t have time to blog. Thanks for all who made the time to link to Wicked Wednesday.

Due to the fact that we had only 12 entries, I am publishing a top 3 instead of a top 5 this week.

World AIDS Day 2014 and My Friend Brian by Michael Samadhi
This post does not only deal with a personal story, but also has information on HIV/AIDS. I like the way Michael has written this, partly telling about his friend Brian, but also warning people to be careful.

Blissemas 2014: Santa Sutra and the Rebellious Rein-Girl by Cara Sutra
A different kind of Christmas story – definitely a lot sexier than all the other traditional ones!

Dirty Words by Jade
We talk about being ‘clean’ when we have no STD’s. But have you ever thought about what is being implied about those who are not clean? Read Jade’s excellent post on this!

~ Marie Rebelle

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