This week it was very difficult to decide on the top 5 posts, as there were only 13 entries to choose fun. Where is everyone? Busy doing NaNoWriMo or is it just life happening around us that kept people from blogging.

Thanks for all who have linked their posts.

Here’s the top 5 for this week;

Doing It My Way 
This post is Hannah’s first Wicked Wednesday post and what a way to start it with such a raw and honest post. Like Molly said in her comment: I salute you!

The Slut Parade 
Another post that deals with being a slut in such a positive way! Cammies, I salute you too!

This is who I am… 
Isn’t it just wonderful when we can be ourselves around our children and our family and they don’t only accept us the way we are, but they even learn lessons from it. Jade lives this special situation.

Wicked Wednesday #128 – My Way 
Ever since F Dot Leonora joined Wicked Wednesday she used the prompt each week to continue her story. I have been reading along, enjoying her style of writing and this week I was blown away by her installment. This installment is delicate and sweet and filled with love.

She Is My way 
As you might know, I run a writers group and there I have someone who once said she never uses names in her stories. She is the first and only one I came across that ever said this, but now that I have read Stella’s post, I think there might be more writers who think the same. I am putting this post in the top 5 because I find this quite an interesting way of writing.

The prompt for week 129 of Wicked Wednesday will be available tomorrow. Let me take this opportunity to remind you that the prompt is not compulsory. You can link any post, as long as the Wicked Wednesday button is added to your post.

~ Marie Rebelle

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