Wicked Top 5 for Prompt #127

The prompt for this week was all about fairytales. I tried to corrupt one, but like how Tamsin Flowers said it in her post: erotification. If that’s not a word, then we should make it a word!

So this week was all about the erotification of fairytales. As always, it is not compulsory to use the prompt.

Like I already suspected, it wasn’t easy to choose a top 5, but eventually I managed to make a choice:

Because sex toys aren’t required in order to have a fantastic sex life 
Have you ever stopped to think how many times you include a sex toy when you have sex? Or stopped to think what you actually prefer – a sex toy or skin on skin? I have never thought of it. Not consciously though, but this post of Cara changed that. Even though we have a huge amount of toys (not as much as Cara and other professional toy testers) but we use them only on occasion. We definitely prefer skin on skin, fingers, mouths. How about you?

I remember reading the first part of this story earlier this year and reading it in combination with this second part had me wanting more. I want to know how this will end. The way M of Cammies described what Rapunzel’s hair does kept my attention from beginning to end.

Hungry like the wolf
You all know the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, right? Did you think it ended where it did? Well, then you’re wrong. Go on, read this story and you will see what happened next. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. I sure wasn’t!

Wicked Wednesday: Soul of the Gray (Part 1)
I started reading and I couldn’t stop and when I reached the end of part 1, I knew I would be looking out for the next part(s). I love Simina’s version of Beauty and The Beast.

The Little Mermaid 
Tamsin posted an excerpt of her version of The Little Mermaid. An exquisite piece of writing from beginning to end!

~ Marie Rebelle

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