Nineteen blogs linked their posts to this week’s prompt, where each blogger interpreted the words ‘looking back’ in their own way and some lovely posts were linked. Have you read them all? Go ahead and do so… and don’t forget to leave the bloggers your comments.

And while I have your attention: please spread the word about Wicked Wednesday. Tell people they don’t have to use the prompt. Anything goes, as long as they have the Wicked Wednesday button on their posts. I am still waiting to reach the 50 links for at least one week. Help me get to it.

These are my top 5 posts for this week:

A Back Seat To Kink – The Sin Doll
This was just an incredibly sexy read. The way The Sin Doll describes what happened, the sounds he made, the words they spoke… there is something so hot and sexy about this. And there seems to be a promise at the end of more to come…

Used – Geeky Nymph
A very short post, but those words are so powerful!

I don’t look back – A Sexual Being
Reading Kayla’s post I realized something about myself, which is the fact that I don’t look back a lot, unless I need those memories for reference or to write a post about. And there were definitely some other similarities in the post too, such as not saving birthday cards and drawings of my children.

Looking Back – Stella Kiink
I love what Stella has done here, the way she has interpreted the prompt. And I loved hearing her voice.

Shaved – Happycomelucky
This post speaks of deep love and intense trust. The way she has overcome her fear and changed something negative into something positive to enjoy things that she had never thought she would. It’s just beautiful!

~ Marie Rebelle

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