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Guest post: First time in control

A Wicked Wednesday post from an unknown writer ~ Marie Rebelle

My first time in control. Was with my ex gf a older woman who was married. We made love quite often n have done some light bondage. One morning I tied her spread eagle to the bed. Then I started to suck her nipples n rub her clit to it became firm. Then I put nipple clamps on her hard aglittle nipples. And I moved between her open thighs. First I kissed get inner thighs n around her beautifully shaved pussy. I could feel the heat coming from her womanhood. Softly I run my tongue along her slit and she tried to push her mound harder on my tongue. Then I moved to her clit n slowly licked it. I could hear her start to moan. So I added my finger in her tight slick pussy. By now I had learned all the signs of her pending orgasm. So I stopped. Time and time again I would bring her to the edge using my tongue, fingers,and cock. Finally I couldn’t help but give in to my own need to cum so I put my cock in her tight hot little hole. But I did not move,I just filled her and her horny muscles started to do all the work for the both of us. It was a great orgasm for the both of us. And a feeling that I will never forget.

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