It’s time for a (writing) challenge again!

Use the prompt below and write a story or a poem, or post a photo.

These are the guidelines…

Stories should be a minimum of 500 words with a maximum of 1000 words.

Poems should have a minimum of 3 verses and a maximum of 6.
Each verse should have 4 lines and the poem must have rhythm and rhyme.

Photos should have a glass and a table in it, and the photo should ‘tell’ a story.

Share your creations!
(Of course, as always, you can also choose to not follow the prompt, but still share your posts.)

2 thoughts on “Prompt #96: The glass

  1. This was a bit of a tricky subject- however I was impressed, and surprised by the ways some foiund to explore this glass topic.

    1. I agree, people have really outdone themselves 🙂

      And… I like to give a bit of a challenge every couple of weeks.

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