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(By Geno Day)

I’m not an afternoon shower kind of guy; I’m more of a morning person in that way. That’s about the only way I’m a morning person, but I do like my morning showers. This particular day though, I’d been doing bodywork on my car all morning. The odors of curing fiberglass resin and body filler stuck to my clothes, stuck to me. That combined with the pervasive coating of dust from sanding the body filler was more than I could stand. Finally the fender was smooth and I headed into the house for lunch.

Sandy had gone downtown for lunch with her girlfriends. I didn’t expect her back anytime soon, so when I saw the empty shower I turned the water up hot and stripped right down. It was already filling with steam when I stepped in and eased my way under the jets. It was divine, pulsing torrents of heat working to loosen the knots my shoulders had become. I just closed my eyes and let it pound away at my arms, back, and neck.

Finally starting to feel relaxed, I turned to fetch my shampoo from the shelf hanging on the wall. I jumped sideways, my eyes flying open as I felt something touch my hip as I turned. It felt soft, almost flesh-like, a finger, or a hand, or something. Except I knew I was alone in the house. I caught my breath, pushed the panic down, and had a look around.

That’s when I saw it there, hanging from the tiled wall on its suction cup base. I’d never actually played with the silicone cock since the day I made it for my lover. She’s always been uncomfortable about using her toys with a partner, so when I gave it to her she immediately spirited it away to the toy box she keeps in the bottom drawer of her dresser.

Breathing a sigh of relief for knowing what it was, I turned back to washing my hair. With a good lather worked up, I couldn’t resist reaching down and touching it. I traced the ridge, and a protruding vein. It felt soft to my touch on the surface, yet firm, warm from the water splashing over it, but not an “alive” kind of warm. I went back to washing. Then I touched it again, sliding two fingers along the underside, the way I touch myself sometimes starting out. I turned away again, soaping my chest and arms, determined to ignore it. Truth was, the thought of touching that thing felt squicky, yet I couldn’t resist either.

Bending down to scrub my calves and feet was my undoing. Even the pulsating streams of water battering against my skull couldn’t drown out the memory of Sandy’s voice as I mixed the molding material, added the activator and poured it into the tube. She stood naked next to me, pressing her breasts into my arm and back, her hand caressing my rear as she told me her fantasy.

You know that warming lube you like to rub into my pussy, Jerry?

I could feel her breath on my ear as she spoke. My cock had stood straight out, and she only made me harder.

The one you bought when you went to Phoenix, remember? I have some left; I’m going to use it on you Jerry.

She slid the tube over my cock. The mold material felt warm surrounding me as the curing process was beginning.

You’re lying across the bed, Jerry, face down, two pillows beneath your hips, she continued. I’m spreading your legs, my fingers wet with the lube, rimming you. Feel me rubbing you, pressing and retreating. Then I’m pressing harder, you feel yourself yielding, opening. You hear my voice encouraging you to relax as I’m taking you. My finger dips inside, sliding in and out, and in again. Then I pull out entirely, and right back in. I do that again, it’s easier this time. I think you like that.

Have you ever been touched there, Jerry? Ever let a girl fuck you?

My cock swelled with her words, the mold material pressing back as it was now firming up. She didn’t let up for a moment.

Feel me pressing there, harder this time. It feels somehow different this time Jerry.

I don’t remember turning around in the shower, but I feel pressure there, somehow I want to push back. Nothing happens. I push again. Again nothing happens. Then I remember what she said about the lube. I search through the tubes and jars on the wire shelf. Hidden amongst her hair products and body lotions I find a small bottle. It’s not the same one she mentioned, but I’m not particular. I pour it over the cock, smear it around, using my whole hand. I stroke up and down its length. Her voice fills my head.

Feel it Jerry, pressing, demanding. Relax Jerry, let it in.

I’m bending over again, I feel it pressing against me, it feels wet, slick this time. It begins to move, opening, invading me. I push back again; it feels thicker as it moves.

Feel my cock taking you Jerry. Pushing, demanding, filling you. It’s your cock Jerry; I’m fucking you with your own cock.

I push back towards the wall again. It slides in, inch after inch. It feels huge. I’ve never done anything like this before. I don’t know what to expect, or what I want from this. It isn’t horrible, but I’m not sure whether I like it. I stop for a moment, let myself get used to the sensation of it being there.

I move forward a little, that feels different; more interesting. I want to try that again.

JERRY!!! Are you alright? What’s wrong Jerry?

Oh god, I didn’t even hear the front door open. All I could think of was hiding what I was doing. My eyes must have bulged right out of my head as I pushed myself all the way back to the wall, taking the full length of it inside of me.

Can you stand, Jerry? Try to stand up. Are you OK Jerry?

I knew I couldn’t stand up; all I could think of was getting her out of the bathroom. I tried to tell her everything was ok. But Sandy wouldn’t be placated so I straightened a little. Being fastened to the wall, my movement levered the toy upwards inside of me. I don’t know what that did, but it sure lit up all the lights. I let out a moan, my legs slipped apart, and my erection jumped forward.

The look on her face was priceless. Pure shock. Then her best silly grin spread across her face, lit up her eyes, and she burst into laughter.

That broke the tension and after a moment or two I was laughing too. Thank God, at least she wasn’t mad. Getting caught masturbating wouldn’t normally be a big deal for either of us. It’s a regular part of our play together. If one of us walks in on the other, sometimes we’ll just sit down and watch, other times we’ll join right in. Sandy particularly likes watching me.

She found the bottle of lube on the edge of the tub and poured it into her hand. She wrapped her fingers around my cock and stroked me.
Let me help you with that, she told me, circling her thumb and forefinger around my head.

I thrust forward, my cock sliding along her palm, her fingers squeezing me.

That’s right, sweetie, fuck my hand.

And I did. I closed my eyes, rocked my hips, the toy moving relentlessly against her stroking until I came in shuddering orgasm. Then she offered her fingers to my mouth, told me to lick them clean.

What were you thinking, Jerry, she asked when we were done.

Not my fault, I replied. You left it out.

I kissed her then before she could argue with me. I leaned in close to whisper in her ear: You will get your fantasy. I want you to fuck me…Tonight.

12 thoughts on “Not My Fault

    1. Thanks for reading, having inspired a bit of mischief puts a big smile on my face. I’m sure you’ll enjoy whatever transpires.
      Thank you.

  1. That is some position to be caught in but I love that she takes it her stride and it turns into an erotic moment they share


    1. Sometimes stretching your boundaries turns into something completely unexpected, and it’s a good thing. Thanks for reading, and enjoying my story.

  2. I must admit the thought of catching my partner that way has me turned on.. I think I would be the same as her only I would be enticed to take him orally.. mainly cause I have a thing for that .. love this story and the damp spot it has caused is a tribute to that..

  3. I love the language in the story, the casual way he touches himself and the toy. He’s intrigued by the new sensations and seems so open to it. I wish more men were so adventurous. The idea of him making her fantasy come to reality is also a huge turn-on. Thank you for sharing this tasty piece of writing.

    1. Thank you, Europa. You’re so kind. While Twisted Angel really made me grin, you’re absolutely making me blush. I do agree, everyone should mix a little adventure in their sex and be open to trying something new. I’m so glad you enjoyed my story. Thanks for reading, and your kind comments.

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