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I guess I should start this post by saying that I have been away at a work conference since early this week….with very little free time to read or write.

I am very introverted and shy. I do not like big groups. I do not like to have to socialize with lots of strangers. I hate being away from home…my dogs, my sanctuary. What’s more, I don’t like to drive and this meeting was about two hours away from home.

As much as this week wore me out emotionally and physically, I have to say that I am grateful for it at the same time. I was in pretty constant text communication with The Daddy, and he really helped me get through it. He didn’t tell me to grow up… Or that I was too needy…. stop being a baby…. etc…. he just told me that he was there and that I could do it. Over and over… until it was over and I was home.

This really made me realize that I want him in my life. That I need him in my life.

When he came over, I was waiting in my living room on my knees. I’m not sure he realized that this was for him, as I had my two dogs there with me….. but in any case, after they said their hellos he came over to me and I stood up and kissed him. I was wearing only his shirt as he wants.

The kiss pretty quickly became unbuttoning his shirt, and his hands on my breasts and inside of me. He’s walking me backwards towards the bedroom. He undresses and puts me on the bed and goes down on me. For one of the first times that I can remember, I am enjoying it. Then he has me suck on him briefly and maneuvers me into doggie position–which I know he does because I told him it is my favorite.

Seconds later he is behind me and inside of me, and I feel his hands on my hips. He is pumping away and I am moaning, screaming, grunting, groaning with pleasure. Not caring what my neighbors hear or think.

Next I can feel his fingers twisting around the braid of my hair and sinking his fingers into it, followed by a sharp yank. It’s by far the hardest my hair has ever been pulled. My head comes back and my back arches, and he is fucking me like I’ve always wanted to be fucked.

At some point I feel his hand smack across my ass. Hard. Again harder than I’ve ever had. It hurts but it’s such a turn on. He continues to periodically smack me, and always his hand lands in the same place. I start to wish he’d spread the love lol…

Afterwards we were laying in bed and he asked if I was hungry…. and basically he was. So I made him a sandwich and served him.

We spent the rest of the day cuddling on the couch and watching Game of Thrones, which is one of my new favorite shows.  At one point we again started to kiss and I whispered to him ” Would you be my Daddy?” He answered back ” Yes, I’ll be your Daddy” with a big smile.

Shortly after this he told me to get on my knees for Daddy, and I was only too happy to do so. I started out by taking him in my mouth and sucking him in deeply…. and then proceeded to lick his balls and suck lightly on them. Then, I put my arms under each of his legs and lifted him up and apart a little and went to licking his ass. I love to give blow jobs and I love to rim my man.

I love listening to the breathing change and the sounds of excitement. So sexy. I was touching his cock at first while I licked at his asshole, but eventually as I got more and more into it, I stopped. I felt his balls harden as I stuck my tongue inside him a bit.

I have my face buried in his ass, and I’m licking around and in…. and I can feel him start to stroke himself above my face. I loved the feeling of his full balls on my forehead. Can feel the vibration as he strokes and the excitement building. I can feel his release.

Let his legs down and licked all of his creamy cum off his chest. Nice and white, thick, fluffy cream. When I am done, I continue to kneel between his legs and lay my head down on his knee. He strokes my hair and tells me I am a good girl.

As much as I love sex, spankings etc… this moment is one of my favorites. This is when I feel the most submissive and at peace.

We cuddle and watch more TV. I make him dinner ( sort of- heated up a store bought lasagna…. great cook I am not ) and served him again. Have to say that I really loved this. I was thinking as I did it, how strange it was for me to enjoy…. because I typically will not do this for anyone.

Cooking and serving is again a sign of submission from me. Service. To one

After dinner he relaxes and I clean up. Then we cuddle some more. He starts to kiss me and that soon goes to touching. He is so good with his fingers. I have always loved being fingered. He rubs my clit so roughly that I want to come unglued. I both want to cum and want to push his hand away. I did at one point put my hand on his forearm, but I wasn’t stupid enough to try to stop him. :)

I beg him to fuck me and he is on top of me. He pins me down which I love and then his hand is on my throat. He is getting tighter with his grip and I love it. Still testing me I think.?

He pumps into me as I wrap my legs around him and grab his ass with my hands. I remember thinking how smooth his skin was :)

After he cums, I get back on my knees between his legs because I want to. This blow job is about bonding… tenderness. this is me cleaning him with my mouth and making him feel good.  I am gently suckling him. This is slow and sweet. He has his hand on my head and strokes my hair, which I love.

I’m not trying to make him hard again, or cum… I’m just pleasuring him.

After a long period of this, I start to stroke between his balls and ass. I can feel his balls harden and I ask him if he wants me to rim him again or just continue with the blow job. He wants the blow job.

I take his cock again into my mouth and throat… start moving faster up and down his shaft. Popping his head with my lips and smiling as I hear each gasp. I continue to massage him until I can feel he is close and then I move my hand away. I suck again gently and feel him relax again a bit….. and then after a few minutes I resume.

I am massaging him with one hand and his balls in another while I suck harder away at his cock. I’m thinking that I want to milk his cock and balls as I do this and finally he gives it to me. I drink him down and then again lay my head on his knee.

I wasn’t stressed at all tonight, but when I am….. this is what I need.

Spankings and sex are great too. :)

He eventually had to leave and we said our goodbyes… and then I started to feel insecure about him leaving. I sent him a text which he responded to and put my fears to rest.

So, I have a Daddy :)

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