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Phoenix lies and gets herself in trouble

My Daddy spent Christmas Eve with me, and we had a really nice time. We had more hotness that I intended to write about, but in the course of the evening I lied to him. I was telling him how my parents don’t like the fact that I have done as much internet dating as I have, and the reasons why. One of the stories I told him was about a guy I was talking to for a couple months, and how my Dad had told me that no man would ever go more than a week or two without making it happen, if he really wanted to meet me. I told him all about this guy and what he had been telling me, and he told me that he would soon be asking me for money… and the very next day, he did exactly that.

Daddy asked if I gave him money. I said some version of no. I remember looking down and away, which a lot of times is what I do when I am uncomfortable. Sometimes I try to find words. Sometimes I lie. This time I lied. I gave the guy $300.

I lied because I was ashamed of how fucking stupid I can be sometimes. How gullible. We just started this relationship– I don’t want to give him reasons to think I’m stupid. I want him to like me.

The rest of the night I wanted to tell him, but I couldn’t. I already broke his main rule. The one he punishes the worst for.

But I can’t get it out of my mind… and I don’t want to be a liar. I don’t have to tell him. It’s a stupid little thing. He’d never know really. But I would. And I couldn’t live with it.

So, On Christmas Day when we were apart I told him. I told him I lied….why I lied, and that I couldn’t live with it.

He was not happy. The conversations the rest of the day and night, as well as today were chilly. I knew that I would be punished but had no clue what to expect. I was scared.

Tonight when I got off of work, Daddy came over. I was in his shirt on my knees and he motioned me to get up. I stood up and he hugged me and then started to talk to me about it. Told me to sit down. Sat on the couch… “No, the floor”

Ohh.. moved to the floor. He came and sat down on the couch with me sitting at his feet. Daddy started to lecture me about how he knew at some point this would happen, because little girls lie, but he hadn’t expected it so soon or for such a silly thing. That he’d expect it to try and talk my way out of trouble but not this…and that I have a big heart and he’s not at all surprised I gave someone money.

And that I should have waited until we were together to tell him… not told him on Christmas day, basically spoiling his day so I’d feel better. That wasn’t very nice of me.

I know he’s right about all of it and I can’t hardly look at him. I told him I was sorry a couple times. Mostly I was biting my lip hard, trying to keep from crying… which was unsuccessful. I cried like a big baby. He finished the lecture and told me that I knew what was coming for lying but for being selfish in when I told him, I was going to get corner-time… and he felt that should be first so I had to think about what was coming next.

Daddy’s corner-time is unlike what I’ve had before. He took me to a corner in my bedroom and stripped me naked. ( Make that three punishments) Kneel and put my arms behind my back, and my head on the floor. Not comfortable at all. He leaves the room and actually goes outside. I know he is doing this on purpose to torture me and it is working. My muscles are aching.

Finally he comes back in and tells me to rotate a bit… and put my bottom in the air. There is a pause and I hear him take off his belt. My least favorite thing…of which he is well aware.

Pause…and I’m trying to control my breathing so I can be calm. The first smack hits my right cheek and whatever composure I had gathered disintegrates. Smack across the left cheek. The right again. One right in the middle. I’m crying out and not maintaining position too well. I didn’t count but I’m pretty sure it was less than ten. I think five or six?

I was a big baby. The Grail was right…before it was over, I was a crying, blubbery mess. He stopped and told me to turn around and he hugged me. We were in the bedroom so he had me go lay down on the bed and he laid down with me and cuddled me. I cried a while longer.

He asked if I was mad at Daddy and I said No. I know I deserved what I got. And then he told me to be a good girl and to dry my eyes because it was over. He wiped my tears away and held me.

After a bit, he told me to make Daddy feel good and so I opened his jeans and took him in my mouth. Sucked him for a bit and then decided to rim him again. Stood up and took his shoes, jeans and underwear off and went back to it.. I hear him moan in pleasure many times as my tongue works his asshole. Then he tells me to suck him again and so I take his cock in my mouth. This time Daddy controls the pace and intensity. He has his hands on my head and is pushing into my mouth roughly as he moves my head with his hands. I feel like I can’t breathe and I kind of fight him a bit. He doesn’t give way. Eventually I surrender to him and his will and work my tongue feverishly trying to make him cum. It still takes  few minutes but eventually he explodes in my mouth and I swallow him down.

After all this, I am exhausted and lay down next to him again for a few minutes.

Once we’ve recovered, I make him dinner and then he goes home for the evening. My bottom is marked with welts, and as he was wearing a belt with studs, I have them imprinted in my bottom.

So, I have now had my first real domestic discipline spanking. I can’t say I enjoyed it. Not looking forward to that again, but I’m glad that he cared enough and was man enough to deliver.

Back to being a good girl. xx

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7 thoughts on “Phoenix lies and gets herself in trouble

  1. oh my, Did it hurt? We don’t have this type of dynamic in our kink and I’ve been curious about it. thank you for sharing.

    I hope you bottom was ok. 🙂 HUGS Xx lori

  2. Lesson learned and now you know he will follow through. I suspect you will think carefully the next time.

    We all have to learn the hard way sometimes!

    ~Mia~ xx

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