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–First of all, i owe a huge thanks to Deepthought69 โ€“ A_M_Harding, for the first idea he gave me with his story, the very beginning is clearly borrowed to one of his story.
Secondly, i have to thank Nathan, Nancy and Bev for their support along this new game of mine.
And last, 2 dear friends, i won’t name here, they will recognize themselves, you were the best!

Deep Forest

Walking through the alleys, she got herself shaked by the wind blowing slightly. Desire coursed through her, sharper at each step she made in her attempt to approach the house. The soft moans of the wind matched her senses, pushing her to the edge and questionning deeply her first intention. She never thought possible for her to do such crazy thing! She had to summon herself… She had chosen to be there.

The door opened on its own, no one was behind it. She entered in a vast room, only enlightened by two candles, deposited on a large table. She found a note and a box already opened, with flowers spread around and inside with leasureness.

The note said ยซ Thee lady shall undress and surrender to her master. Thee shall indulge herself and put these pieces of art wherever thee sees it fit. Last but not the end, thee shall get out of the house in her primal nature, along the path designed for thee ยป.

Oddly, she felt the note was meant for her pleasure more than to frighten her. She did as instructed and carefully broke open the ties at the top of her dress, which fell on the floor in one smooth movement. She then untied her bras and get out of her panties. No need to be slow, no one was there, or so she thought.

Consciously obeying, she wandered through the contents of the box. There were various straps on one side, she thought these would be for her nipples, and attached them into place carefully. Another had three pieces tied in the center by a chain. Reddening wildly, she put them on her lower lips, one on each side, one for her little bud, the feeling was painfully arousing.

She then picked up a separate box. It contained an object which she never used, three huge balls on one side, and at the end of the chain, only one. There was also some sort of an egg, all designed like an elliptic piece of art, in what seemed like black shining ebony.

Another note was in this box : “Shall thee put the egg first in your lill vagina, then one ball to begin pleasure with, thee cuty pussy in the meantime will endure the hard ministration of three balls to get closure of any escape perspective.”

Oh god! She thought this was getting crazier each minute passing by, but she did as instructed. The egg into its place, it began instantly to thrum his own song, low and profound, making the whole end of process hard to comply. She had to keep her thighs tightly joined to be able to walk.

One hesitant step after another, she managed to go downstairs, then outside in the night of the forest.

Her master would be delighted by her persistence though. She had no idea how long the game would last but she had agreed long ago to surrender to any of his demand.

The strangest things happened along the path designed for her, the forest was floodlit with red flowerish silk papers, arranged to make her feel every move she made through it.

She was so sensitive, she almost whimpered at each contact on her bare skin. She lost count of minutes and decidedly went through the ways and turns till she felt very lost.

At some point, she reached a glade in the forest, one path designed on the ground, leading her to a small highly colored house. It was the strangest house she had ever seen. All the front was made of sugar candy flowers, in every color existing on earth. One exception though, the door entrance which was topped with a mysterious sign, a golden cross with some sort of red bed ties.

Gees, this game couldn’t be more scarier than that. The door was opened, so she made her move, but as she was about to enter, the device in her pussy began to thrum wildly. She had to let go and fell on the floor. The coldness of the floor made her feel nervous. Shaking all along, she couldn’t make any more steps through the corridor.

While she was lying her face on the floor, a figure came from behind and restrained her hands sharply behind her back. Any attempt to look back was helpless, the figure had already put a black mask on her eyes.

Two hands took her up and brought her along the corridor, and all she could tell was that the man was very strong muscled. She felt like a wisp of straw in his arms. He was moving fast taking her god knows where… She felt deposited carefully, face down, her hands behind her back freed only to be attached near cushions at the top of a bed.

Part 2: He felt a rush of excitment coursing through his veins. For the first time in his life, he knew he was doing something unusual. Every time at this moment of the year, his work got the best of him, too many people counted on him, on his so called seriousness. But just for once, he allowed himself to indulge in his fantasy.

She just was laying there naked, and all he could see was the tiny string outside her pussy, designing a thin line to her round back hole… so homy… so horny, he couldn’t figure out a way to make it last longer… she was waiting breathing loudly.

He was in this flower power house he once knew as his parents’ one. The place was as perfect as in his souvenir, an old wooden house covered with multicolor flowers, so romantic, yet intriguing. The door entrance was still adorned by the Cross, a reminder of the love once shared in this place. No one could disguise his true feelings for long in this house. Love was written everywhere and this especially made it all the more difficult.

He should have known better than to bring this woman here, but the hush was so primal he had no choice but act. She was truly beautiful, her curves so soft, so willing to give everything.

She was fighting the restraints he had put on her arms and legs, she was prostrated on the bed in a form of a cross. He was starring almost intimidated by her. Finally he made a move, a slight brush over her visage… her pale skin trembled under his touch, oh he could feel it in his own heart, something wild and perillious, something he couldn’t control! But he had to control every move, every single gesture.

He met her on a wild night, a damsel in distress, was what anyone would call her. But not him, not a single moment, he couldn’t see her as a weak woman. It was her demand which led him to this, yes, only her demand.

This very famous night, he was playing with his ropes and his ever lasting journey companions, trying to figure out a new way to get them to do the job. Nothing came out as expected but somehow, he managed to let them do as they please. They naturally put themselves into order. They had a sense of priority he would never understand fully.

So she tumbled in his world, thumbling through her purse for some unknown device and triumphantly, she hissed a scream of joy as she found her phone. Of course, she didn’t know that her device was useless here, so she cursed almost as soon as she tried to dial a number, and without noticing where she was going, she bumped into him.

That very night, decision was made in the blink of an eye. He knew what he would do to her. Taking his time, he slowly approached the bed, a crown in his hand. This one was made of gold and red leither balls attached to it by solid rock links. It matched the one over the door entrance except the balls were designed with silver lines you could feel just by brushing them over your palm.

He knew he would regret it right away, but he steadied her putting his hands on her hips. She whimpered a bit but as he let go, she managed a smile and thanked him. At that time, she hesitated, testing his resolve. Almost mechanically, he just slapped his own thigh with the ropes, the sound being sharp and awakening to no end. She reacted instinctively, her hand moving in slow motion and touching slightly the ropes and his thigh. No hesitation, no questionning, one exchanged look, and all she wanted, all she promised was there, silently vowed. And he was more than willing to give it to her.

Part 3: And the dance began… He opened the door house and let his little companions enter the room. They all knew what was at stake here. They did what they were asked for. This special night would be the masterpiece of the year. Their future was in their hands. They knew perfectly their fate if they didn’t obey the natural pace of story.

The seven of them wandered to the bed, strangely dressed with multi-colored pants and vests, walking lightly, till their hands untied the bottom links on her ankles and forced her to fold under herself her legs, her ass finally bulging nicely into their Master’s view.

Tieing long links to the top of the bed very tightly, she couldn’t move anymore. Her head rested on her side on the cushions.

Her arms spread to each side of the bed, she just began wrestling against the restraints, fear getting her for good now. What was happening? She felt several hands tear her apart and couldn’t do anything against it.

Then the companions were out of the room, following a simple gesture of their Master. He approached the lady of his dreams with his crown, ready to bless her with all his mighty power.

First he brushed gently her bottom cheeks and made her shiver when he tickled the straps in her dripping mound.

One blow flied. It made her cry a loud pitched sound, in a very animalistic way.

His own temperature did a double take. He had to remove his vest to play the part to full force.

Second blow made her ass move forward and she cried even more. All her senses lost focus! Their play was unique and united, his ministration, her sollicitation. One voice shared in pleasure, every cry asking for release.

He took a rest to admire his hard work. His hand roamed to her delectable ass and abruptly took off the 3 magic balls she had carefully squizzed in her bottom hole. He made the score in one, blasted it with two fingers… oh so sweet… She buldged in response, moaning with a long haul of pleasure he was sure she never expected.

Something was worth the time and rest, looking at her sweet face totally devastated by plain pleasure. Desire coursed through his veins at the view of red cheeks, the sweat flooding from everywhere… Blow after blow, she did as he asked, becoming his lady, becoming the one, blossoming under his need, wanton evident, but romantism taking the lead.

He noticed her ass was marked with thin red lines and rounded blue traces. He finally decided all was back into place and released her from the bed restraints, unfolding her eyes too. “You served me well, my lady. Tonight was a feary night, my companions are back to work. They know all is back for good. The Big Plan is working again. Will you come for me and help me transform in your god?”

She didn’t object to his plea and surrendered by going on her knees in front of him. She took his manhood into her mouth, his demand pretty clear as he put one hand on her head and push towards the center of his power. She took him all, wet from his wants, lust shining brightfully to the stars.

What he wanted was her world from this day, she sucked him from his balls to his head, and took in him the strength to become his partner in magic and wonders. She magically sensed her clothes coming back on her shoulders, a red hood and a matching shining new vest made of cool cotton, and watched mesmerized her Master transforming in her god of mystery and love, Santa Claus.

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10 thoughts on “Deep forest

  1. I like that the story starts out having me think it’s a ‘normal’ fantasy and then in the end it has some kind of magic in it. I like twists in stories and this one definitely has a twist.

    Wishing you all the best for 2014 and hope to see you posting more on the blog ๐Ÿ™‚

    Rebel xox

    1. Hello Marie,
      Thanks for your nice comments, i appreciate it.
      I wish you well too for the new year to come, and i hope to be able to send you more stories.
      Thanks a lot to have welcomed me here so easily.
      Sam (woman)

    1. Thank you for your nice comment, i truly hope to improve in the sequel.
      Happy New year back ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I truly love your writing and this is an example of why.
    Thank you, for all that you do!

    1. you sure it was for me? awww I love comments like this, it is the first time i write this way and post something here, so thanks a lot.
      Sam (woman)

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