Prompt #75: Pleasure & Pain


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Pleasure and pain are normally viewed to be at opposite ends of a spectrum, yet for some, the spectrum is circular rather than linear, so that pleasure and pain blend to form a continuum. And everyone’s perception of pain is different, how much they tolerate, how much they want, how much they need. For some, pain is the ultimate turn off whilst for others, it’s built into their very core. I’m interested to know about your perception of pain – do you enjoy it? Do you hate it? Are you the inflicter and if so what drives you? If you like receiving pain where does it take you? Is it physical pain, humiliation, another kind of pain? Is it punishment, funishment or something different?




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2 thoughts on “Prompt #75: Pleasure & Pain

  1. For me the two, pain and pleasure are the same thing. The more pain the more it becomes pleasurable to the exetent passing the barrier is better than any orgasm. Humiliation is gained by pain being inflicted in public. My partner gains equal pleasure from face slapping snd having me wear heavily weighted nipple clamps over a tight fitting top

    1. To me pain at first is only pain, and then somewhere in there, it changes from pain to pleasure and I then seem to be able to take a lot more of it than in the beginning. Thanks for giving your view on this 🙂

      Rebel xox

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