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Looking up, I revel in the sight of your best undies. These are a pair I know you reserve only for the best candidates you have met from your speed dating parties. I can see why, that material, it hugs your form showing off your well rounded ass, the same ass that has sat on me so many times and I’ve always found myself marveling at. It’s fullness filling the space perfectly.

As I sit here, staring up at your orb of roundness I wonder who will bring you home tonight and will they feel the same way I do? Will they get to touch your ass, feel the soft fabric of your lace lined panties, or will it end like so many of your other dates with you coming home, leaving only yourself to feel that delicate material, with only me to watch as you run your fingers over your still panty clad pussy, with a sense of longing. Everyone wants to be touched in a way they can feel connected and I feel connected to you like no other member of this household. When you wash me you do it with care, every stroke deliberate, every single swipe hitting the right spot, leaving me feeling fresh and cleansed once more ready to face a new day.

As the door opens once more, it heralds your return. Will you come into the kitchen tonight alone, or with someone? I sense two pairs of feet in the hallway and my excitement grows as you enter first though the kitchen door. Neither of you are wearing shoes and I revel with delight as your stocking clad toes hit my surface. I find myself looking up at the stranger that you have brought into your home and I have to say I approve of what I see!

Strong, but with a definite edge. Now I feel his feet which are clad in a stylish pair of pink socks, the hem of his trouser brushing over me, and I shiver, just as I see him place his arm around your waist and you to shiver. You can feel the tension in the air, as he pulls you closer. Your noses touching, almost kissing but not quite as if both of you are waiting for the right moment. Then it happens. I can feel the electricity flow through the air, as he reaches over and kisses you. Not a quick peck of parting that so often happens here, instead a deep, longing, far reaching kiss meant to touch parts of you that have not been touched for as long as we have lived together.

His hand wanders from your shoulder, down to that well rounded ass of yours. The one that is still clad in those amazing panties. Even I’m glad you choose those tonight. As I watch from my vantage point, his hands begins to travel upwards, caressing your legs, until he reaches your thighs. I can feel you trembling with anticipation, knowing that his fingers will soon touch that material. I see the smooth material begin to pucker as his fingers find your ass cheeks. You sigh a delightful sigh as his fingers begin to push between your thighs. Teasing them apart, probing the smooth material and the flesh that breaths beneath them.

I’m willing to bet right about now you are glad that you took the time to clean me today, because we both know that sweet ass is going to find itself pressed against my coolness in a few minutes, and I for one can’t wait. I can’t wait for you to lie back and allow this good looking guy to probe you, tease you, and then simply fuck you like you deserve to be fucked.

Soon enough he’s ready, he guides you down, he peels those panties off, you will have no need for them in a few minutes. As you hit my cool surface I feel your sigh, and as he enters you, I feel you tremble and rise from me, your body meeting his in the bliss that you deserve.

This is another experience that we have shared, and I’m grateful for it. After this evening I know you will look at me in a different way. Each and every time you are on your knees and cleaning me, you will remember this evening, and so will I…

Your Kitchen Floor…

Post by: Clitical Jenne

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9 thoughts on “Floored

  1. I bet this floor will eventually have so many hot stories to tell. Great write!

    Thanks for joining in 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. I love how it will become a memory for her, when she washes that floor she will have that moment in her mind. Great piece of writing


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