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The word “bite”, in a sexual sense, is the worst word in existence for me. It brings reminders of complete sexual frustration. The biting fetish, Odaxelagnia, is the desire to bite or be bitten for sexual arousal. If one wants to bite, it is a fetish that is impossible to fulfill. It must be kept hidden and controlled at all times. Depending on the severity of the fetish, as with any fetish, burying such desires can have long term consequences. But that is life, and we do what we can to survive.

It is a fetish that is exceedingly rare. I have seen my particular variety of odaxelagnia only once. The first minute and a half of this scene are the most erotic of any I have ever seen in any film in my life:

Probably not what you were expecting…..

Author: Dee Ach

11 thoughts on “A different perspective

  1. I smiled to myself when I read your post, mainly because as soon as I saw the prompt on Twitter I knew what I was going to say. I love being bitten, in that context….guess I’m abit of a freak lol

    Flip xx

  2. Indeed, this was not what I was expecting. I am not fond of having my toes sucked (or bitten) and I will definitely not suck (or bite) someone else’s toe’s, but I accept and respect that there are people out there who finds this very exciting 🙂

    Thanks for participating in Wicked Wednesday.

    Marie Rebelle xox

  3. Context is a funny thing with what a word means to any of us. When you say what “bite” means to you, I always lean back on the old theorem of George Carlin that words…language…is simply a means to control people.


  4. Bravo, I too have a biting and be bitten fetish perhaps not to the extent as the aforementioned but, known the less just as frustrating. My fet is not contained to a certain area although there are a few fav’s. As in your movie, I find feet extremely erotic, toes sucked, tongue & teeth dragged along your ache, devine. Know you are not alone in this desire.

  5. While I love being bitten and biting I have to be in a certain mood for it to carry to my feet..

  6. I’ve never thought of having my toes bitten – and I don’t know why I haven’t! I bite on my fingers (and have them bitten) quite often, and I’ve had the side of my feet bitten quite comprehensively – I like that, as I like bastinado. I can see this is something I’m going to have to explore – thank you for sharing this great post and amazing clip!

    xx Dee

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