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Nudity: the state of being undressed and without clothes. Sometimes, a social situation demands a particular state of dress, other times clothing serves a more functional use for safety or warmth, but underneath we are all naked!

Today, naturism and public nakedness are becoming more common and viewed by majority of the population as acceptable. The World Naked Bike Ride runs in hundreds of cities around the globe, as well as naturist beaches, festivals and events being prevalent. In many countries, the UK included, public nudity is not illegal.

Of course, there are many sexual practices that require nakedness, and strip shows where entertainers remove their attire for the entertainment of others. Streaking at sporting occasions is still a popular sight as the unexpected arrival of a naked man or woman causes commotion and amusement. It was said that the Victorians frequently had sex with their clothes still on, while not seeing fit to invent the swimming costume (to assist with the ban of naked wild swimming) until the middle of the 19th Century!

So, what does nudity mean to you: a gateway to sexual satisfaction or the most comfortable state to be in? Do you sleep naked or wander around the house without clothing? Do you go on holiday or swim au naturel? Would you entertain your friends with nothing on? Could you attend a naked wedding, or a bare protest? Is there any part of you that people could not see under any circumstances?! Or perhaps you just want to show off your naked body with a revealing photograph.



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