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You know how she feels, she’s walking into the room, glancing left and right, desperately searching for someone to catch her eye, for someone she recognises, she smoothes her cream skirt. The party is in full swing, groups are chatting in circles, a laugh over there, a flirty smile to your left, a huddle of suits in the corner looking serious. You’re stood on the edge of the room, watching, observing, not being anti social as such but more comfortable there, twisting a glass in your hand. No one notices her, and you see her hesitate. But she walks towards the middle of the room, she stands up taller, with each stride you see her gaining confidence. As she approaches the group laughing loudest, chinking their drinks, a smile spreads across her face, her eyes light up, and her hips move more freely. That stride is more of a gentle sway now. You raise your eyebrow, surprised by this, pleased by the way she walks, although you don’t know why, can’t quite tell why she’s caught your eye. Your mind wanders and you hear the suits guffaw over the music. You wish the DJ had better taste.

The group silences as she reaches then, they do that invisible shuffle so it is more open, a tall woman smiles at her, you feel you should know them, but you can’t quite place it. They clearly know each other. This tall woman, says something but you can’t quite hear, the music is too loud. And the girl in the cream skirt, she smiles some more, and she moves round the edge of the circle of people to stand beside her. She stands just behind this taller woman, whose turns slightly to face her, they talk some more, you focus on the bright red lips of this taller woman as she chatters away.

And then you notice, this girl in the cream skirt as her back is turned to you, you see, you realise why you smiled when she walked: you see she is wearing no knickers and no bra. And as this dawns on you, the tall lady catches your eye, she smiles and nods at you, and says something to the girl in the cream skirt. She lifts her head up suddenly, shifts her feet, she doesn’t turn around but she now knows you know, you feel her blush rise. And you smile and sip your drink.

****** sorry for being late to the party myself, happy anniversary.

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5 thoughts on “Late to the Party

  1. Oh shes’s a naughty girl and I like it! It’s a nice image you have painted with your words 🙂

    Thanks for joining in with Wicked Wednesday and making this a wonderful celebration week 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. Thank you all for your kind comments. The posts I write will get better tooo. Now lets carry on with that party.

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