Welcome to the new Wicked Wednesday!

Wicked Wednesday started over at my primary blog, Rebel’s Notes.

I introduced it to the world on the last day of Wanton Wednesday and by the next week I was nervous and curious, wondering how many people would link to this new meme. The first week brought me 15 links, the next week 18 and the week after that even 20! It was more or less at that time that I started looking into a subdomain for Rebel’s Notes, so Wicked Wednesday could have its own home.

Lots of emails were exchanged with the hosting company. Something went wrong during the installation of WordPress which made it impossible to reach the subdomain. My hosting company was brilliant in keeping in contact, but eventually I had the most help from @DomSigns on twitter (thank you!!!) and I searched on a lot of forums to see if I could solve the problems. I was so happy when at last I succeeded and I could start on designing the blog.

So here I am to proudly present to you: the new home of Wicked Wednesday.

This week is the last week that Wicked Wednesday will be hosted on Rebel’s Notes. As from next week, all wickedness will happen right here on this site.

Please remember to update your button code. It is now a lot easier to copy it from the site, as it is a lot easier too to copy the photos I use as prompts.

The next prompt will be posted on this site on Saturday, July 7.

Thank you all for joining in, and if you have not joined in yet, I hope you will soon!

© Rebel’s Notes

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