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Teenage years… we have all been teenagers at some stage of our lives. You might just be out of your teenage years or you might look back on it and think “damn, it’s already 30 years ago!”  No matter what the case might be for you, we all experienced some awkward moments during our teenage years. Think about not knowing where you fit in – with the children or with the adults? Or where in school you were thrown between the one moment where you did not dare to open your mouth and the next moment where you spoke to soon. Were you part of the popular crowd in high school? Or did you feel like you did not belong there? Did you have your first boyfriend or girlfriend during your teen years? Did you touch each other? Did you experiment? Did you play with yourself, thinking of him or her? Did you have sex?

What sexy memory comes to mind when you think about your teenage years? Share your sexy teenage memories with us.

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